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By editing this Group Page without authorization by the group, you acknowledge that this group owns all rights to the entire contents of your post, any images posted, your email address, your house, your car, your relatives, your first born and your soul. Furthermore, you agree to make your email address or any other Screen Name publicly available on this or any other web site. Furthermore, you agree that it is okay for me or anyone else to slander and/or throw bricks at you on this or any other web site, in public, at your place of employment, or anywhere else in this or any other universe and/or dimension. Know that editing this page without authorization is a request for character defamation, endless belittling and excessive mockery. You may not sue me for any reason, ever, and this disclaimer is subject to change without, and you are still subject to the rules regardless of any changes made. If you do not agree with these rules, then don't edit this page. Any failure to comply with the rules posted here will subject you to be ravaged by deranged pink monkeys and flamingos, then you will be raped... twice....

--Teamcoltra 02:10, 18 April 2006 (CDT) (Feel free to edit this anyone ... i figured we needed SOMTHING as a formal disclaimer)