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Plugin: Yahoo FAQ v3.0


Version 1: Yahoo

Provided keywords this program will request discussions from yahoo public forums (in english: us, uk, ca, au). For example if you have a perfect website about cars, you can add keywords like "mercedes", "buy car" .. and then add discussions matching those keywords to your website. So if you only got 20-100 pages about cars, you now have virtually hundreds-thousands, which will be indexed too on search engines.

The type of discussions received from yahoo are all solved, which means they have an answer to their question. Such a request typical looks like this:

Version 2: Menus

It's easy to setup two menus in e107 and show them together with results from yahoo requests. But if you want menus according to keywords, for instance one category with keywords about cars, another about toys and different menus for each, two menus is just not enough. Therefore Yahoo FAQ comes with two menus - one prime and one secondary. You can then setup your keywords in categories and put codes for menus respectively in each in the admin panel to the plugin.

Version 3: Amazon

Since also provides services where you can request offers based on keywords, it's possible to enable amazon advertisements in the prime menu by choosing an amazon searchindex instead of the custom menu. Currently amazon advertisements are displayed as images and the name of the author (if there is one) plus some stars according to the product's salesrank. But it's easy to modify the code (includes/amazon.php), so that offers are displayed as smaller images + text (with or without prices) or as text alone.