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Third part of the e107 handbook
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User Maintenance

This page allows you to control registered members. You can update their settings, give them administrator status and set their user class among other things.

Users Front Page

The Users Front Page lists your users, there are a number of actions you can set using the Options drop down list.

  • ID
  • Status
  • Display Name
  • User Class
  • Options
    • Info
      • Displays information about posts made by the user(?)
    • Edit
    • Ban
      • Allows you to ban the selected user.
      • See Also Ban List
    • Make Admin
      • Promotes the user to Admin Status
      • Note that you need to grant access to the individual Admin Functions.
      • See Ban List
    • Set Class
      • In the next screen select the User Classes the user belongs to.
      • See User Classes
    • Delete
      • Deletes the user account.
  • Search

Edit Display Options

Expand this area to display many more user information columns.

Quick Add User

You do not have to use the registration system. You can enter the new details for your users.

  • Display name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Re-type Password
  • Email Address

Select User Classes you want them to belong to.

Click Add User to complete the process.

Prune Users

Enables you to bulk delete user accounts which:-

  • Unverified Users
  • Unverified Users (Over 30 Days)
  • Bounced Users (Users who's email has been returned)

See Preferences


Set your User Options

Theming User Pages