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Third part of the e107 handbook
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User Classes

You can create or edit/delete existing classes from this page.

This is useful for restricting users to certain parts of your site.

For example, you could create a class called TEST, then create a forum which only allowed users in the TEST class to access it.

Existing Classes Settings

Create, Update and Delete your own user classes and set who can manage classes from this page.

Class Name

Enter a name for the class.

Class Description

Enter a description for the class.

Who can manage class

Set an Admin User for the class.

Assigning User Classes

How to assign a user class.

  • Admin -> Users
  • Find a User
  • Find the Options List (Last Column)
  • Choose Set Class
  • Check Classes to add to the user
  • Check Notify if required.
  • Click Set Class

The selected user now belongs to the class.

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