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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Mailing Users

Use this page to configure your mail settings for site-wide mailing functions. The mail out form also allows you to send out a mail-shot to all your users.

Create Mail-out

From Name

Set the name the mail will come from.

From Email

Enter the email address which the mail is sent from.


Select Users Class the mail should be sent a message to.


User-Match contains

Choose fields and enter a search term.

Three search terms can be set up.


Copy to email address.


Blind copy to.


Enter a subject for the email.


Add an attachment from the downloads section.

Use Theme Style

Check this box to format the email using the current site theme.

Message editor

Enter the email message.

There are three buttons, which enable you to insert


Save Email

Save the message for sending later.

Send Email

Click to send the mail.


Lists Saved Messages.


Send test email

Enter Test Email Address & Click the Test Email Button.

Emailing method

If unsure, leave as php

  • PHP
  • SMTP
    • SMTP Server:
    • SMTP Username: (optional)
    • SMTP Password: (optional)
    • Keep SMTP session alive:
    • Use 'POP before SMTP' authentication:
  • Sendmail
    • Sendmail-path:


Pause mass-mailing every emails. Set this as you can trip server protection settings.

Pause Length (seconds)

More than 30 seconds may cause the browser to time-out

Bounced Email Processing

  • Email address:
  • Incoming Mail (POP3):
  • Account Name:
  • Password:
  • Delete Bounced Mails after checking:

Theming Mailshots