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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Site Links

Site Links are used to control the main navigation in your e107 website.

Enter all your site links here. Links added here will be shown in your main navigation menu, for other links please use the Links Page plugin.

Links Front Page - Existing Links

The links front page contains a list all links available for your main visitor navigation menu. You can control various properties of your links from the front page

Link Image

Displays the image assigned to the link, displayed in the menu if it is specified in your theme.

Link Name

Opens the target page.

Create Sub Link

Edit Link

Allows you to edit all of the link properties.

See - Create Link - below.

Delete Link

User Class Visibility

Choose a user class and click updated, at the bottom of the links page.

Move Link Up Down Buttons

Using Up and down arrow, this changes the Link Display order.

Link Order

You can also set the order by changing the numeric order, then click update.

Create New Link

Creates a new link - You will need to set the following properties for the link.


Default: No Parent (Normal Link)

Sub-Links are displayed either as a drop-down choice or as an expanded list, depending on the theme design. To make this a sublink, choose the parent here.

Link Name:

Set the display name for the link.

Link URL:

Set the address of the target page.

Link Description:

You can provide help text which is displayed when the mouse hangs over the link.

Link Button / Icon:

If required, set an image to display with the link.

Link Open Type:

Sets the target window type to open.

  • Open in Same Window
  • A new window (or browser tab).
  • A choice of 2 sizes of simple popup-style windows, without any buttons or other controls.

Link Rendertype:

Shown in your theme as {SITELINKS=flat:[rendertype number]}

Link Class:

(Ticking will make the link visible to only users in that class)


Show Description as Screen-Tip

Description will be shown when the mouse hovers over the link

Activate expanding sub-menus

Sub-menus will display only after clicking their parent. (Link parent is disabled)

Sublink Generator

To make multi-level links.

Create sublinks from:

Select a link for the Parent.

Create sublinks under which link?

Select the child link.

Linking to Specific Content Types

In Video

Create e107 Site Links


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