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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Search Settings

Your e107 website has an advanced built in search tool. Use this page to configure user search permissions.

TIP: If your MySql server version supports it you can switch to the MySql sort method which is faster than the PHP sort method.

Searchable Areas

Set the access level & sort order for each of the listed e107 item types you would like to allow your User Classes to search.

Editing Advanced Settings

Clicking the Edit Icon allows you to set further advanced search settings, including:-

User class allowed to search this area:

Default: Everyone

Number of results displayed per page:

Default: 10

Results This is the number of results that will show per page.

Number of characters in search result summary:

Default: 150

Chars This is the number of text characters that will be displayed in the search result summary.

Pre-Title Text:

    • Default
    • Off
    • Alternative: [ ]

Searchable Comments Areas

Comments search needs to be activated.

Set the user class you allow comments to be searched on.

Search Preferences

Search General Settings

Search page accessible to user class:

Choose who is allowed to use the search facility on your website. Remember that search engines can only search the public areas of your website.

Highlight keywords on referred to page:

  • On
  • Off

Display relevance value:

  • On
  • Off

Allow user to select searchable areas:

  • On
  • Off

Allow users to search more than one area at a time:

  • On
  • Off

Searchable areas selection method:

  • Dropdown
  • Checkbox
  • Radio

Restrict time allowed between searches (max 5 mins):

  • Off
  • Restrict to one search every [n] seconds

Search sort method:

If your site includes Ideographic languages, such as Chinese and Japanese, you must use the PHP sort method.

  • MySql
  • PHP limited to [n] results (leave blank for no limit)

Only match whole words:

This setting only applies when the search sort method is PHP. If your site includes Ideographic languages such as Chinese and Japanese you must have this set to off.

  • On
  • Off

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