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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Site Information

The site information preferences section is provided so that you can enter information about your e107 website. Many of the details you enter here are displayed by themes in key areas of your website. Including site name and several fields for further information describing your site and its intended purpose. This is important to your human visitors. The information helps search engines find, index and list your site. Sometimes called search engine optimisation (Marked SEO below).

To change these settings, go to Admin Area > Settings > Preferences > Site_Information .

Site Name

Sets the name for your site, which always appears in the title bar of the browser window. It is used when your visitors bookmark the site. It's used in search engine results, and is used in other areas displayed throughout the site such as the header of the search page.
Default: None
Shortcode: {SITENAME}

Site URL

Enter your website address including the http:// prefix.

Used to redirect visitors to your preferred site location, for example, or It's particularly useful when developing demo/test sites under a sub-folder of your main site.

The URL is used by the “link to us” menu for image link. Handy for sharing with other websites to link back to your site. See “Site Link Button” next.

Used in conjunction with the "Redirect all requests to site URL" preference. It has been known to cause confusion with cookies and seemingly users can get asked to re-login, which can confuse them.
Default: /

Redirect all requests to site URL

Applicable only when you have set the Site URL above. For example, if your site URL above is set, anyone requesting will be redirected to
Default: Off

Site Link Button

Specify an image for the "link to us" menu. By default it is set to button.png located in your e107_images directory. Use one of the supplied images, modify it and save back to e107_images then select your own design. You can give this to other website admins to link back to your site. Activate the "Sitebutton" menu using Content -> Menus.
Default: button.png

Site Tagline

A very short description or marketing tag line. Depending on the theme design, tagline can be displayed on all pages. The tagline text is available for display by theme developers. Most theme developers display this near the top or bottom of the page. Not all themes display tagline.
Default: e107 Powered Website
Shortcode: {SITETAG}
HTML Allowed
Helps with SEO

Site Description

A more detailed description for your site. Can be displayed on all pages, depending on the theme design. A good site description will tell your visitors what your organisation is all about, and will help search engines too.
Default: e107 Powered Website
HTML Allowed
Helps with SEO

Main Site Admin

Sets the name of the main site admin. It is displayed in Site Information section to the left of the Main Administration Area under the heading of “Head Admin”.
Default: Admin name entered during installation

Main Site Admin Email

Sets the email address for the Main Site Admin. This is used in conjunction with the previous entry for Main Site Admin if a user clicks on the Head Admin link shown above.
Default: Admin address entered during installation

Name for responses to emails from site

This will appear in the 'From' field of registration and other emails from your website.
Default: -

Email address for emails from site

Sender address for emails from your website.
Default: -

Address specified for replies to emails from this site

Address to replies will be sent to.
Default: -

Site Contact Information

Sets the site contact information. Displayed in the contact form, if activated. To avoid spam it is advisable not to include an email address. It is important to enter as much valid, relevant contact information to give your site credibility, e.g. Company Name, Address, Phone, if appropriate, include Charity, Company, VAT or any other official registration numbers or trade body memberships.

[b]My Company[/b]
13 My Address St.
City, State, Country
[b]Phone:[/b] 555-555-5555

Add Credibility to your website, consider adding:-

[b]VAT No:[/b] 123-456-789
[b]Company No:[/b] 1234567 Registered in England.
[b]Charity No:[/b] 1234567
[b]Standards:[/b]ISO9001/2, ISO17025, ISO27001, Princ2 or any other Standards you work to.
[b]Industry Bodies:[/b] e.g. UKAS Lab No, Corgi/Gas-Safe No, ABTA No ... etc.

HTML Allowed
Helps with SEO

Site Contact Person(s)

If the chosen group contains more than one person, the user will be asked to select a person from the group. Choose a user class for the contact form. The members of this user class will be listed in the contact form (see User Classes).

Default: No One (Inactive)

Allow users to email copy of contact email to self

Possible opening for allowing spam, use with caution.
Default: Off

Site Disclaimer

This text typically appears at the bottom your site, depending on the theme design. Often used as the footer of the website, for legal information about the company, copyright, licenses and credits (for e107 of course!).

This site is powered by <a href="" rel="external">e107</a>,
which is released under the terms of the <a href="" rel="external">GNU</a>  
GPL License. 

HTML Allowed
Helps with SEO