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Third part of the e107 handbook
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e107 System Preferences

The Preferences section found in e107 CMS Admin Area is used to store important information about your e107 website.

Preferences control many aspects of your website including its security and behaviour. The settings you choose will influence how your visitors see and use your website. It controls, in part, how search engines categorise, list and recognise your website. As such, defining your preferences should be high on your Implementation Checklist.

How to set your e107 CMS Preferences

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Click Admin Area > Settings > Preferences

Preferences are grouped into ten sub-sets of options accessed from the menu to the right of the Preferences Admin page. Follow the links below to find out more about each area.

Site Information

The site information section is where you enter important details about your website. Including website or company name, the web address and several descriptions for the site. It contains the main contact info (company name/address etc). It assigns the Main Admin user account. It sets user class or group which is available on the contact form.

Display Information

These options are generally for developers only, production e107 sites would not need these activated, except perhaps for troubleshooting.

Admin Display Options

Options for troubleshooting the Administrator section.

Date Display Options

The Date Display Options give you control over the way e107 displays dates and times in your website. It is also where you tell e107 it is in the world, and where you are, so that your dates and times are displayed correctly.

User Registration/Posting

The set of preferences control user access to your website. You can allow or prevent visitors request an account, to submit news posts, enter comments, and so forth. For security it's recommended anonymous visitors have minimal rights. You can make you're for members only, useful for use as an Intranet. You set username and password minimum lengths.

Signup Page Options

This section allows control over information displayed on the signup page. Display messages as before and after registration. Set required user fields, which are applicable to both new and existing users.

Text Rendering

Here you can set options to control how links and Emails are displayed, control word wrapping, editor types.

Note for 0.7.23

Enhanced Security Options need to set for your own specific purposes. If you are seeing the [SANITISED] code then review your preferences:-

  1. Allow HTML posting:
  2. Class which can post <script> and similar tags:
  3. Filter HTML content:

Security and Protection

Enabling Image Code verification, replacing swear words, cookies & session management, flood, ban & timeout settings

Comments and Posting

Controls for the comments system.

Advanced Features

Developer options options.

Further Preference Settings

These can be found in other areas and plugins.