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Third part of the e107 handbook
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About e107 Language support

In the Admin Area -> Settings -> Languages you can manage language (Locales) from here.

e107 supports multi-language for core element text. All core display text is read from a Language Text File which is associated with the specific area of the system. The system reads phrases from this file used as static & message text for the currently selected session language preference. It will return English if not found, or report the missing code something like LAN_CODE_00.

Plugins and Themes also support language if the translation file exists.

Official Language Translations are listed here:-

Installing a Language

  1. Download a copy of the utf-8 language pack you would like to install [1].
  2. Unzip the file on your local machine. Verify the contents of the file.
  3. Place e107 in Maintenance Mode.
  4. Backup your files and Database.
  5. Disable & Clear the e107 Cache.
  6. Clear your browser cache (Temporary Internet Files)
  7. Upload using FTP the files to the e107 HOME directory
    1. Warning: it may be wise to do this on a TEST server FIRST!
  8. Clear the e107 & browser Caches again!
  9. Got to Admin -> Settings -> Languages ->
    1. Choose your Default Language.
    2. This will set e107 user interface (UI) to the chosen language.
    3. Optionally you can check Enable Multi-Language Tables
  • If you do not see the new languages in the listings, please clear your caches again.

In Video

Install and activate a language pack (Hungarian/Magyar)


By tarhelyeu

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