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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Image Settings

From here you can allow / disallow the ability for users to post images on the site, set resize method and view uploaded avatars.

Enable image display

Checking the box enables images to be displayed in user comments, chatbox and other areas. Applies sitewide (comments, chatbox etc). Members can use the [img] BBCode, see Using BBCodes.

Default: On

Image display class

Restrict users who can view images (if enabled above). Select from list of User Classes you have set up.

Default: Members

Disabled image method

What to do with images if image display is disabled.


  • Show Image URL
  • Show 'Disabled' Message
  • Show Nothing

Default: Show 'Disabled' Message

Resize method

Method used to resize images, either GD1/2 library, or ImageMagick

GD version installed: bundled (2.0.34 compatible)


  • GD1
  • GD2
  • ImageMagick

Default: GD2

Path to ImageMagick (if selected)

Full path to ImageMagick Convert utility.

Default: /usr/X11R6/bin/convert

  • Common Error Message: Path to ImageMagick appears to be incorrect.

This is only important if you have chosen ImageMagick in the previous option, the error most likely means the software may not be installed on your server. So don't worry about it [[1]].

Enable Sleight

Used for helping images display transparent areas correctly.

Fixes transparent PNG-24's with alpha transparency in IE 5 / 6 (Applies Sitewide).


  • On
  • Off

Default: Off

Show uploaded avatars

Click Button to review user avatars, if enabled.

Validate avatar size and access

Click Button to action.