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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Setting Your Website Front Page

In e107 0.7 you can set the Home Page for your different user classes using the Front Page e107 core feature. The default setting is e107 News. For optimum search engine optimisation (SEO), a good setting to use is the Welcome Message for Guests as this does not perform a redirect from index.php. You will of course need to create a good welcome message.

It is important to get your front page right, as this is one element used to correctly classify your website.

Front Page Settings

The settings page is accessed from the Admin Area > Settings > Front Page. From this page you can configure e107 to display different pages to different groups of visitors, which is controlled by user classes.

  • Choose Set front page for:
    • All Users
    • User Class
  • Next Click Select to open the Set front page for *** users: screen.
  • e107 displays a list of items to choose from consisting of core e107 content types and installed plugins.
    • News
    • Downloads
    • Forum
    • Custom Pages.
      • Some types display a useful item selection list.
    • Plugins: will only be listed if installed and use the Front Page option.
  • Having made your selection next Click Update Front Page Settings.

For example, you may want:-

  • new visitors to see a page introducing your website or company
  • members you want to go directly to the News page.

To do this:-

  • First, Create a custom page containing your introduction page.
    • Admin Area > Content > Custom Page/Menus > Creating Page & follow instructions.
  • Return to Admin Area > Settings > Front Page
    • Choose User Class > Guests
    • Hit Select.
    • Click on Custom Page
    • Choose Your page from the list.
  • Click Update Front Page Settings.
    • Choose User Class > Members
    • Hit Select.
    • Click on News
  • Click Update Front Page Settings.

e107 also provides the ability to set any Other web address, but this probably would only be of use when an option is not listed or some other advanced purpose. Be careful however, if you set it to an external website, you may have difficulty getting back to your own website!

In e107 version 2.0 there's a lot of work being done in this area, for information see: 2.0 Front Page