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Third part of the e107 handbook
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The cache is a way of saving a copy of your content in web server files rather than reading pages from the database on every page visit. If you have caching turned on it will vastly improve speed on your site and minimize the amount of calls to the SQL database.

IMPORTANT! If you are making your own theme turn caching off as any changes you make will not be reflected. It is advisable to disable the cache whilst you are

  • making any big changes to your website.
  • testing newly implemented plugins or upgrades.
  • debugging and problem solving.
  • changing language settings.

Cache is set in the Admin Area -> Settings -> Cache.

When you open the Cache System Status page, it displays the current cache setting for your website. The options are:-

  • Cache Disabled
  • Cache data saved to disk file

Use the Set Cache Status to change the setting. You can clear the cache using the Empty Cache button.

There is more advanced developer information about the cache system in the following page.