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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Welcome Message

You can set a message that will appear at the top of your home page all the time it's activated. You can set a different message for different User Classes, such as, Guests, Members and Administrators. Welcome Messages are controlled in the Admin Area -> Content -> Welcome Messages.

The default installation contains a default welcome message for Everyone. This message contains the refreshing 'Lime' image. You can update or delete existing messages by using the appropriate icons in the list.

Creating New Messages

You can create multiple Welcome Messages for different User Classes. Click on the option on the right Create New Message.

Message Caption

Enter an title for the message, if required.

This is Optional.

Message Text

Enter the text you want to appear on the message, BBCode and HTML code are allowed, depending on your preferences.


Set the User Class who can see the message.

Welcome Message Preferences


If ticked, the message will be rendered inside a box.

Override standard system to use {WMESSAGE} shortcode: