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Third part of the e107 handbook
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From here you can allow / disallow the ability for users to upload files and manage those files that have been uploaded.

Upload List

This is a list of existing uploads. You can see details about the files. Using the buttons on the right you can:-

Clicking the link displays further information about the file and the links to view the file and a screenshot.

  • Copy them to the Downloads Area.
  • Copy them as a Newspost.
  • Delete the upload.


Set these options to control upload permissions.

Uploads Enabled?

No public uploads will be permitted if disabled

  • Yes
  • No

Storage type

Choose how to store uploaded files, either as normal files on server or as binary info in database. Note binary is only suitable for smaller files under approximately 500kb

  • Flatfile
  • Binary

Maximum file size

Maximum upload size in bytes - leave blank to use settings from php.ini (upload_max_filesize = 2M, post_max_size = 8M )

Allowed file types

For security reasons allowed file types has been moved out of the database into a flatfile located in your admin directory. To use, rename the file e107_admin/filetypes_.php to e107_admin/filetypes.php and add a comma delimited list of file type extensions to it. You should not allow the upload of .html, .txt, etc., as an attacker may upload a file of this type which includes malicious javascript. You should also, of course, not allow the upload of .php files or any other type of executable script. jpg, png


Select User Class with permission to upload.

For Security, do not allow guests to upload.