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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Your e107 website contains an extensive news (blog) management system, which is controlled from the e107 Admin Area > Content > News. This opens the News Front Page, which contains a list of news items, and a number of controls selected from the list on the right.

News Front Page

The news front page lists all your news items. From here you can:

View News Item

Click on the link to open the news item.

Edit News Item

Click the link to edit the existing news item.

Delete News Item

The red X icon deletes the selected item, confirmation will be requested.

Create News Item

From the main News Options list on the right, choose Create News Item.


Set up categories for your news items.

News Preferences

Set your news preferences.


Recalculate comment counts

Creating a News Item

News items are those which will appear on your front page by default, unless you have set your front page to another, different page. These are therefore often the most important aspect of your website, as they are the first things new visitors see, and for this reason, there are a number of different settings and variables to look at.

Category selects the Category in which the news item will be saved.

Title is the headline of the news item, the way this is shown will vary from theme to theme.

Summary is a brief summary of the story. A good practise is to paste the first sentence or two from the main news story into this variable, as these usually give a good indication of what the story is about. The summary is used in RSS feeds and is also displayed on the category listings pages.

Body will be displayed on the main page, extended will be readable by clicking a 'Read More' link.

Upload offers you the chance to upload an image or file to be used within the news item. Please note that the directories "e107_files/downloads/" and "e107_images/newspost_images/" need to be CHMOD to 777 to allow direct access from your browser.

Image enables you to select an image from the "e107_images/newspost_images/" to be shown on your news item.

Comments allows you to select whether or not visitors are able to comment on your news items. Whether or not they will have to register to do so is set in "Preferences"

Render Type gives a number of options for where your news items will appear on your site. If you have the "other news" menus activated, you can elect not to have your news item appear directly on your front page, but rather the headline and / or a short description on the story inside a menu on your site. This is useful for stories that are important, but don't need to be visible on the front page at all times.

You can also choose simply to post the title of the story to the front page which, when clicked, will lead your visitors to the story itself.

Activation allows you to select your news to appear between 2 dates only.

Date Stamp is where you can specify the "published" date of the news item

Visibility allows you to choose which visitors see the news item. You can select one or more user groups. "Everyone" is selected by default, and will over-ride any selections if it is left ticked.

Finally, making a news item Sticky will mean it "sticks" to the top of the news page.