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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Menu Configuration

Menus are the little boxes usually displayed around the edges of most e107 themes. The general placing options are defined in the theme. The menus you wish to display is controlled from the e107 Administrator Control Panel -> Content -> Menus.

Menus are useful tools for displaying advertising, additional information, adding in extra content from external feeds or internal e107 sources. When you install e107 some useful examples are included, such as the Login/User Menu. Most plugins include a Menu but you can also create your own.

You can arrange where and in which order your menu items are from here. Use the dropdown menu to move the menus up and down until you are satisfied with their positioning.

Layout Selection

A theme can contain multiple layouts. They will have at least one layout called 'Default. Additional Layouts can be accessed via the Layout Drop-Down box. Selecting another layout changes the preview & menu selection area just below in the Administrator.

In e107 0.7.x and 1.0.x you can control which layout is used at the page level, by modifying the theme.php file. Note that if you are using one of the standard themes, this could be overwritten during upgrades. This is likely to change in 2.0.

Preview & Selection Area

This shows a simplified view of your public website. It shows the Header Area, the Menu Areas and the footer area with the central body area holding the available Menus List. It also shows where Short Codes appear for including items such as your Site Description.

To activate a Menu, highlight it in the Inactive Menus list and click the appropriate Activate In Area (n) button.

Area Level Controls

You can fine tune the layout further by choosing an option from the Menu's Function ... list. These controls include:-


Removes the active menu, placing it back in the Inactive list, for use later.


If appropriate this will display advanced configuration options. Most menus do not have a configure option. See documentation for the plugin/menu.

Move Menu Options

These four options move the menu within the current area.

  • Move Up
  • Move Down
  • Move to Top
  • Move to Bottom

These options move the Menu to other available Areas. The number of areas depends on your chosen theme design.

  • Move to Area (n)


Set the User Class to make the menu visible to.

You can further specify menu visibility at the content (page) level. Choose the Shown or Hidden Option and enter the page details. Save the visibility options using the button.

In Video

E107 Tutorial: Menu Managementu

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