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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Banners are used for placing advertisements. You can create and maintain banners by going to the e107 Admin Area > Content > Banners.

The banner system in e107 is very powerful. It allows you to set up different campaigns for different clients, and display in different areas of your site. Each client can log into a special banner statistics page which will show them exactly how their banners are performing. Banners can be auto-deactivated based on the amount of views they've had, or on a time basis, so you can sell banner space under these different criteria.

Clients can log in to their banner page by logging in at <yoursite>/banner.php.

Banners Front Page

This page lists all banners active on your website. From here you can create, update & delete banners and control the Banner Menu. You can help promote e107 by leaving one of the default banners active on your website.

Banners are displayed in a "Menu" area and in a place defined in your theme.

Create New Banner

To add a new banner, click the Create New Banner link on the right of the banners page.


You need at least one campaign, which is a used to categorise your banners into groupings. Enter new campaign or choose an existing campaign.


Enter a name for a new client or choose an existing client.

Client Login

Enter details, only if your client needs access to view the banner statistics page.

Client Password

Enter a password, only if your client needs access to view the banner statistics page.

You need to have previously uploaded the banner image so that you can select it from the display list. Press the button to open the image list.

Note: If you have been given some code rather than a banner image, save that code in a .html file in the e107_images/banners folder.

Click URL

Enter the target website address for the banner.

Impressions Purchased

Controls the number of times the banner is displayed during it's lifetime.

0 = unlimited

Start Date

Controls the start date from which the banner is active.

blank = no limit

End Date

Controls the end date to which the banner is active.

blank = no limit

Visibility Class

Choose a user class to limit the banner visibility.

Default: Everyone

To display banners to visitors only, choose the special built in user class called Guests. Your members will not see this banner if Guests is selected.

Banner Menu controls which campaigns are displayed in a Banner Menu.


Enter a Title to display for the Menu Area.

Choose campaigns to show in menu

Move banner campaigns from the Available Campaigns list to the Selected Campaigns list.

Number of banners to show:

This is only used when multiple campaigns are selected.

Render Type

  1. - One Campaign in Single Menu
  2. - All Selected Campaigns in Single Menu
  3. - All Selected Campaigns in Separate Menus

Update Menu Settings

Saves the menu details.

Advanced Banner Articles

Theming Banners

In Video


by spinningplanet

  • This video tutorials shows how to use the e107 Content Management System's Banner Ad engine.