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Third part of the e107 handbook
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e107 Content

The Content Menu in the e107 Administrator Control Panel contains links to various content types which come as standard in e107. A good starting place is to create a new web page using Custom Menus/Pages. You can create other content types from here as well, including Banners, Downloads, Menu Layout, News, Public Uploads and set a welcome message.


For advertising and banner exchange.

Content - (Custom Menus/Pages)

Creating content in e107 is easy. To create your main web pages, go to the Admin Area, choose from the Main Content Menu and select Custom Menus/Pages.


You can provide files for your visitors to download, such as images, documents (pdf, doc, ppt etc.) and so forth.

Menu Manager

The Menu Manager allows you to add, remove and move menus around. You can set the configuration and visibility options for each menu.


Manage your news categories, items and configuration.

Public Uploads

You can allow users to upload items to your site.

Welcome Message

Displays a welcome message for your users, by default, this area contains an example, which is the 'lime' image.