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E107 user

nlstart [nl-start] indicating just another e107 enthusiastic from The Netherlands.


Your donations are happily appreciated through PayPal. If you want to send something physical, contact me for my postal address.

e107 Areas Of Interests

When started in 2006 the main area of interests were e107 use and theming. I currently support around 6 live websites using e107. I'm a big fan of Bugrain's Agenda plugin.

Getting more and more interested in plugin development:

YourFirstPlugin : a simple guide for easy plugin creation.

EasyShop : a simple web shop with an integrated PayPal (IPN) or e-mail checkout.

Locator : a plugin that integrates Google Maps or Mapquest.

ShowMyIP : a plugin that displays the IP address of a visitor.

Poker : a plugin to play a simplified version of a poker game; stand alone or integrated with e_Gold plugin.

FlickrFeed : a plugin that gives you a BBcode and a menu to supply for FlickrFeeds integrated all over your e107 site.

EasyBackup: a plugin that emails a daily backup of your e107 MySQL database.

EasyDBtool: the e107 way of PhpMyAdmin; control your database from the ease of your admin area.

e107_Quiz: a plugin to create and perform quizzes and tests.

News Scroller: a plugin that scrolls your latest news item in a menu in any direction.

Slideshow: a plugin with menus to show your latest news or downloads in a fancy slide show.

RSS_menu: a modification on the core RSS_menu plugin offering new functionality for displaying news images, suppressing a news category and offering Atom feed.

BanHelper: a plugin to keep spammers out and to ban and delete comments/forum posts in one swoop.

EasyGallery: a plugin intended to just FTP the full images and you're done. Capable of adding a description and integrates with the e107 core comments functionality.

EasyHours: a plugin that enables a time writing solution for small or midsized companies that use e107 as their intranet or class restricted extranet.

ARPS: ARPS [ Advanced Raid Planner System ]; generic plugin for clans to administrate characters and raids. Integrated with e107 core event calendar and comments.

I support them through my website:

HTML and CSS is okay; PHP, JavaScript and MySQL I start learning... a bit better! I like well documented or commented code.

Default e107 Core user and admin knowledge is good and getting better.

From time to time active in this e107 Wiki and in the forums at