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DesignedThis A short Bio for DesignedThis, an e107 Support Team Member, who likes to create themes.

e107 Areas Of Interests

My main interest in e107 is theme creation, the latest batch are available from e107Advent. In 2007 I didn't release any themes, which I decided I wanted to change and came up with the e107Advent idea. An idea I am very proud of, so far the themes have been downloaded 1300+ times on my site and other sites that have my themes up for download.

I mainly offer support to people via email and msn, often helping others edit themes and sometimes ending up doing the changes myself for them quickly. I do hope I had more time to offer support on but with my own projects to work on as well as job hunting time soon vanishes.


Born in Solihull in 1989. At an early age I was interested in computers, at a parents evening at my primary school I was asked to go and help fix a computer by one of the teachers. Then when I was allowed to go on the internet I got more interested in it, and ended up developing sites using Microsoft Frontpage. These sites weren't great and after a long time of learning I started using Dreamweaver hand-coding. Dreamweaver came with a course I started a few years ago, which I am hoping I will finish in 2008.

I am currently looking for a full time job in web development, focusing on XHTML & CSS.

My other interests include Ham Radio (my callsign is M3BDA), I got into my Ham Radio through my Dad (G7BZD) who is also a Ham and has also recently started using e107 his website.

A question I seem to get alot of emails about is why the name DesignedThis. The original site I released themes from was now a deserted blog (which I am hopefully gonna change soon) for a project of mine I plan on releasing one day. I also run a blog called [Mach2Designs], it contains my portfolio, about section and other information about the services I offer.

My e107 Guides

Coming soon.