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e107 Shortcode Guide
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These shortcodes are those used in user-related items of your site and can be found in the e107_files/shortcode/batch/user_shortcodes.php and e107_files/shortcode/batch/usersettings_shortcodes.php files.

There are also some individual shortcodes.

All fields display the data for the currently selected user.

For user settings, the data is taken from the current form.


User Shortcodes

These shortcodes are used to style the Users in the theme.php file of your theme. These shortcodes can be found in e107_files\shortcode\batch\user_shortcodes.php.



















































Display name for user


Login name for user






Returns the value in $pref['signup_pass_len']




Non-admins only. Returns a list of checkboxes



Returns a standard help message


Returns a drop-down box for time zone selection.






If XUP files enabled.







{USER_EXTENDED} (from 0.7.6)

Replaces the {EXTENDED} shortcode to avoid conflicts with news.





This will show the value of the extended field gender for user #5


  • Naming
    • Within the database, all the field names are prefixed with 'user_'.
    • However this is automatically added within the shortcode.
    • So in the shortcode, you only need add your field name, WITHOUT the prefix.
  • User_id zero and the global variable $loop_id is defined
    • Extended fields gets value for the user id specified by $loop_id.

{EXTENDED} (deprecated)

Replaced by {USER_EXTENDED} in 0.7.6 - see that shortcode for a description.