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e107 Shortcode Guide
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Forum Shortcodes

These shortcodes are those used in the forum and theme areas of your site and can be found in the forum_shortcodes and forum_post_shortcodes files in the forum plugin.


Displays the IP address of non registered users and members that are not logged in to their accounts. This information is available to admins only.


Displays the avatar of the member posting


Displays the custom title of the member.


Displays the linked image that allows members to edit their posts


Shows the image to email the poster.



Displays date member registered on the site


Displays the date of the last time the post was updated.



Shows the user's posting level (the stars or admin image).


Displays the user's location as is filled in in the profile of that user. Location is an extra extended field which is standard included in e107 (predefined fields).


Displays the poster's unique id on the e107 website.


Displays the moderator options of Move, Edit and Delete


Displays the post.


Shows who posted this post or when in forum overview, who posted the latest post.


Displays the member's post count.


Displays a summary of the post depending on your css. Requires the shortcode {POSTSUMMARY} adding to the forum_viewforum_template.php in the $FORUM_VIEW_FORUM = section after {THREADNAME} shortcode





Shows the icon that links to the poster's profile.


Displays the linked image that allows members to quote previous posts


Displays the linked image that allows members to report a forum post to the admins


Displays the user's RPG stats using the built-in RPG mod.


Displays the signature of the poster of this forumpost, it will be displayed wherever this shortcode is placed. Standard location is at the bottom of the post.


Displays the creation date of the thread.



Shows the link to go back to the top of the page (standard it says: 'top').


Enables the track thread button. [1]




Shows the image to visit the poster's website (set in his/her profile).