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Release Information

This page is a brief history of the main releases of E107 from 0.7.0 on. For full details of each release, refer to the 'readme' files and changelogs associated with each release. The current release 1.0.4 has it's own page: Current_Release.

A detailed history of each individual file is available through SVN tree on SourceForge.

DateVersionMain features
30 March 2012 1.0.1

e107 CMS Moves Forward And Tightens Up With Version 1.0.1

27 December 2011 1.0

Official Release 1.0

14 September 2011 0.7.26

Release 0.7.26

06 April 2011 0.7.25
22 September 2010 0.7.24
August 20, 2010 0.7.23

Change log 0.7.23

May 27, 20100.7.22

Change log 0.7.22

May 23, 20100.7.21

Change log 0.7.21

April 15, 20100.7.20

Change log 0.7.20

February 22, 20100.7.19

Change log 0.7.19

e107 development changed from CVS to SVN with this release.

February 4, 20100.7.18

Change log 0.7.18

January 22, 20100.7.17

Change log 0.7.17

5th Sept, 20090.7.16

Change log 0.7.16

9th Dec, 20080.7.15

Change log 0.7.15

12th Nov, 20080.7.14

Change log 0.7.14

28th Sep, 20080.7.13

Change log 0.7.13

25th Aug, 20080.7.12

Change log 0.7.12

1st January 20080.7.11

Primarily a bug fix release with a few minor enhancements

27th October 20070.7.10

Primarily a bug fix release
Some security fixes
Fix issues introduced in 0.7.9 - forum post counts, extended user field visibility, news problem with MySQL < 4.1

5th October 20070.7.9

Almost exclusively a bug fix release - full details: Change log 0.7.9
Some improvements in emoticon handling
Various minor enhancements

For initial release news.php requires MySQL4.x or newer (fix to follow)
17th February 20070.7.8

Almost exclusively a bug fix release - full details: Change log 0.7.8
Minimum length enforced on display name
Debugging options improved

Significant fixes on linkwords
30th November 20060.7.7 Bug Fixes - Change log 0.7.7 details
21st November 20060.7.6

Emailing enhanced - POP before SMTP supported
Content Manager enhanced
Plugin Scanner
Multilanguage capabilities greatly enhanced
BBCode - easier to add new ones
TinyMCE Updates
Event Calendar Updates

Many other enhancements, bug fixes and improvements; a more detailed list is in the Change log 0.7.6
23rd May 20060.7.5Fixed a few possible mysql injection issues

Some mysql optimizations
Chatbox post recalc now works
Fixed emailing exploit
Fixed login problem when updating from older versions
Comments are now removed when related news, poll, and download are deleted.
Several cache related fixes
Fileinspector now seems fixed in *nix and windows
Bounced email checking added

Forum parent name added to forum breadcrumb
4th May 20060.7.4Menu visibility bug fix
Minor omissions in 0.7.3 corrected
3rd May 20060.7.3added support for the use of in bbcode image and link paths.

log stats white space overload bug fix.
ldap / alt auth overhaul.
TinyMce upgraded to
Added support for image submit buttons for login.
News post images and attachments system overhaul.
removal of final known MySQL 5 strict incompatability issues.
Single file installer implemented.
more robust cookie/query handling.
option to make only the Welcome Message the frontpage.
New default install theme 'Reline'

New 'Contact Us' page added.
10th Feb 20060.7.2BBCode XSS Security Fixes

Made stats logging more stable
Fully templated forum_post
Added new [hide] bbcode
Added ETag header and must-revalidate cache control, should stop naughty proxies caching user login transitions
Added alt auth to core
Extended user field record now deleted when user deleted or pruned
Better error reporting in installer
Security fixes

18th Jan 20060.7.1Various bug fixes

Admin frontpage now searches for potential malicious scripts.
Html posting can now be disabled completely in admin/prefs

favicon.ico can now be used in the theme folder to override the default one..avoiding loss when upgrading e107.
16th Jan 20060.7.0First official release of E107 version 0.7