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Plugins included in e107 installation
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Core Plugins

This page will detail all the plugins that are included in the e107_plugins folder when it is uploaded… You may wish to remove these plugins before you upload them if you know you won’t use them… If you remove them you can always upload them at a later date. Please not that not all plugins have as much detail as others as I have not really used them. Please feel free to edit the page and add more detail.

Plugin Manager

To view and install all plugins that you have uploaded to your e107_plugins folder go to your plugin manager, which is found in your admin area.

Alternative Authentication

This plugin allows your site to use different methods of authenticating your vititors on sign up or login… This boosts your sites security and stops any possible malicious scripts from signing up accounts on your site.

See: Alternate Authentication plugin description

Chatbox Menu

This plugin allows your members to chat on a menu that can be shown on all pages or on certain pages. The menu can be activated in the menu section found on your admin area, and visibility can be changed.

Content Management

This plugin allows you to publish and organise content, custom pages and content manager do different jobs, although the outputs can look exactly the same. With custom pages you’d struggle to manage 100 pages, and the navigation would start to takes its toll. Content Manager allows you to have thousands of pages of content, while still been able to navigate easily using the tabular menu and category system.

Event Calendar

Events can be entered between certain times, whole days, or several days. Members can ‘subscribe’ to receive email notification of events. It also includes a ‘Forthcoming Events’ menu and enhanced email options (only from Version 0.7.6).

Feature Box

This plugin allows you to display messages above your news items with features / whatever you like in it… The messages can be either revolved randomly or dynamically faded.


This is pretty obvious… this allows you to use the e107 forum system, this plugin allows you to create a integrated forum that is fully featured with post permissions, forum stats, links to who’s online and of course the main forum system.

Google Sitemap

This creates a sitemap that can be used with the Google Sitemap system.

Integrity Check

This plugin checks the checksums of your files… allowing you to find corrupted files that could be causing your e107 installation problems.

Links Page

This plugin creates a links page that allows you to links in categories, and set icons and visible permissions, and whether the links open in the same window or a new one.

Link Words

This will link a specified word to a specified URL every time it is shown on the site… for example if you had it to link the word “e107” to “” each time e107 is displayed in a paragraph it will be linked.


This plugin allows you to view a list of recent additions of e107 categories, it can be set to show additions since your last visit or general latest additions.

New Forum Posts

This plugin allows you to display a list of recent forum posts on your front page.


This plugin will get RSS feeds from other websites and display them according to your preferences..


This plugin allows members to sign up to receive newsletters via email. The plugin also allows you to create the newsletter in the e107 admin area.


PDF creation.


This plugin allows you to define polls in either a menu or a forum post.

Private Messenger

This plugin is a fully featured private messaging system, including Inbox, Outbox and Message Receipts.


This allows you to have RSS feeds of your news page and any plugins that support RSS feeds.

Statistic Logging

This plugin will log all visits to your site, while building a detailed stats screen based on all the information gathered.


This plugin allows you to use trackback with your news posts.