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Third part of the e107 handbook
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notify_32.png Notify sends email notifications to selected administrators, users or a configurable email address when e107 trigger events occur. To setup your notifications, go to Admin Area > Tools > Notify.

For example, set 'IP banned for flooding site' to user class 'Admin' and all admins will be sent an email when your site is being flooded.

You can also, as another example, set 'News item posted by admin' to user class 'Members' and all your users will be sent news items you post to the site in an email.

If you would like the email notifications to be sent to an alternative email address - select the 'Email' option and enter in the email address in the field provided.

Receive email notification on

Select who will receive an email for each event, the options are:-

  • Off - Nobody
  • Head Admin - The Main Site Admin Only
  • Class - User Class
  • Email - An email address, for instance you could set up an email address to catch all your events mails rather than clutter your inbox.

User Events

  • User signup
  • User account verification
  • User login
  • User logout

Security Events

  • IP banned for flooding site

News Events

  • News item submitted by user
  • News item posted by admin
  • News item edited by admin
  • News item deleted by admin

File Events

  • File uploaded by user

Links Page Events

  • Link submitted by user