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Troubleshooting after an install
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Troubleshooting an Install of E107

...when it doesn't all go smoothly.

This is divided into four main areas:

  1. A 'clean' install
  2. An upgrade from 0.617
  3. Some host and platform-specific problems.
  4. Problems specific to a particular release of E107

Some of the likely problems and fixes may fit in more than one category, so its worth checking the whole of this page.

If your particular problem isn't covered here, it's also worth checking the post-install troubleshooting page

Troubleshooting a clean install

SymptomPossible causeLikely fix
File 'e107_config.php' missingDownloaded upgrade pack rather than 'fresh install' packsimply create a blank file in a text editor and save it in the root of your e107 installation with the name e107_config.php .
At Stage 3 I get an error message:
MySQL Reported Error:

Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

Host has provided mySQLi rather than mySQLAsk your host to provide mySQL
Blank screen after installCorrupted language filesRe-upload language files; if not installing in English, use the English files to confirm that this is the problem
Blank screen after installCorrupted or missing filesRun the File Inspector to check that all files are present; in particular in the e107_themes directory the lamb and jayya (reline in later versions) themes, and the templates subdirectory.
I am told to 'reset core' or a similar messageDatabase empty or corruptedUsually simplest to make sure the database is empty, make sure that e107_config.php is empty, and re-start the install
I cannot log in - I get an error which says 'The XML page cannot be displayed...'install.php still presentDelete install.php
I cannot access some plugins admin pagesIncorrect security settingsMay be as simple as file permissions, but more likely Apache's mod_security set up incorrectly
I see words such as 'LAN_NEWS_43' where I would expect to see normal text messagesCorrupt or missing language fileIdentify the relevant language file and ensure there is a good copy in the right place on the server. For core software they are in e107_languages/yourlanguage, and for administration tasks they are in e107_languages/yourlanguage/admin. For plugins they are usually in a similar directory off the plugin directory.
I get lines beginning 'Notice:'PHP set to detailed error reportingThese messages can be ignored
I get an error involving mime_magic when doing tasks involving sending emailServer set up incorrectlyResolve with your host
I get 'Error 404' - File not found errorsFile access rights incorrectThe requirements vary dependent on host setup. Other than those files and directories which the install document says to set to '777', access rights of '644' should be OK for most files. Sometimes '744' or '755' is required. If the server is running phpsuexec, '600' will probably be enough.
When running certain plugins I see messages like this:


You used FrontPage to upload your files (or for other things on the site).Delete the relevant plugins, and upload again with a proper FTP client such as CuteFTP, Filezilla or many others.
When I try to run 'install.php' I see a lot of textPHP not runningInstall PHP
Names of some files and/or directories seem to change as I uploadFTP ClientThis problem has been attributed to TotalCommander - try another FTP client
When I try to run 'install.php' I see a lot of textFTP Client corrupting filesThis problem has been attributed to TotalCommander - try another FTP client

Troubleshooting an upgrade

SymptomPossible causeLikely fix
Only part of 'user' screen displays after upgradeMenus enabled which are not in 0.7, or old plugin versionsDisable the relevant menus (often 'articles' or 'reviews') uninstall any non-core plugins
Can't log in after upgradeDatabase not upgradedLogin through yoursite/e107_admin/admin.php and go straight to the database utility to upgrade the database
Can't log in after upgradeDatabase not upgradedIf the previous suggestion doesn't work, try an upgrade to 0.7.0 then to 0.7.4 or later. Also check that your host is compatible with the newer software.
Blank admin screenafter upgradeIncompatible non-core themeTemporarily rename the directory of the theme used for admin, so that E107 can't find it and uses the default theme instead. Then select another admin theme, or resolve the problem with the preferred theme.
Can't log in after upgradeDatabase not upgradedIf the previous suggestion doesn't work, try an upgrade to 0.7.0 then to 0.7.4 or later. Also check that your host is compatible with the newer software.
Nothing works, or some functions do not workSome files not updated properlyRun the File Inspector to make sure that all updated files, including those in subdirectories, were uploaded. (Note: Some FTP clients have an 'update if newer' function which may get confused - on many servers it is not possible to retain the original file date when uploading, so files may appear to be newer than they are)
  • Using a language pack written in UTF8.
  • Upgrading from a v0.6x to a v0.7x.
  • Accentuated characters do not appear properly.
Database content coded in ANSI (v0.6x) instead of UTF8 (v0.7x)You need to translate your database content into the unicode format. Follow this link for a step by step procedure : Upgrading database content to UTF8

Host and platform-specific information

Anything in this section is likely to change with time, as hosts update their systems and so on. Hence the 'last date confirmed' column. The absence of a host from the list simply indicates that nothing has been entered about them!

And some hosts appear to have different setups dependent on which server you get, so a host may work for some, but not for others.

Host/PlatformLast confirmedProblemSolution
Awardspace24.10.06Cannot access site after install - get 'Page not found'Host has blocked use of 'realpath'. See below (its absence increases the security risk)
Awardspace24.10.06Cannot upload certain file types, including zip, pdf and many video and audio filesHost has blocked upload of many popular file types; see this forum thread
Yahoo15.05.06Cannot connect to database at stage 3 of install'Host name' for the database has to be 'mysql' rather than the more normal 'localhost'
godaddy04.07.06Cannot connect to database at stage 3 of install'Host name' for the database is the name of a specific server (which your host will have to tell you), rather than the more normal 'localhost'
Lycos31.07.06Various warning messages caused by 'safe mode' being setTry deleting the first while-loop from class2.php (at the beginning):

while (list($global) = each($GLOBALS)){

if (!preg_match('/^(_POST|...|HTTP.*|_REQUEST)$/', $global)){




trap17.net07.07.06Cannot even complete an uploadHost has blocked too much - cannot even upload a complete set of files for E107, much less install them
Any with open_basedir in use17.05.06Error messages relating to open_basedirUncertain at this point whether this is down to incorrect configuration by specific hosts, or whether it is a problem on any host implementing open_basedir. Problem is that relative paths which evaluate to a permitted directory are disallowed. Requires lots of system-specific file editing to resolve.
Any with the realpath() function disabled
(e.g. Awardspace)
28.05.06Cannot access site after install - get 'Page not found'Realpath() is used as a major security check (as well as for other purposes). For example, it's used to prevent request.php allowing the download of any file in the filesystem - for example - e107_config.php. In the future it may even be used more with the threat from arbitary file inclusion being what it is, both local and remote. The security benefits of using a function like realpath() are too great to ignore. Thus the decision is that we do not support hosts that disable the realpath() function whatsoever.
freehostia.com04.06.06Successful install reported.Previously reported problems presumed fixed
Tripod05.05.06Lots of error messages and warningsSo many things blocked in the name of 'security' that its unlikely E107 would work without a major rewrite.
Blank page when attempting to run installer, or error messages relating to ob_start()0.7.5 does not run on X10hosting, for no apparent reason. In earlier versions of E107, problem was down to handling of buffer-related functions such as ob_start(), ob_path_clean(). In file install.php, comment out line 148 which says: while (@ob_end_clean()); Also comment out similar line very near to beginning of class2.php, and another similar one about half-way down comment.php. (Note that these 'fixes' are for 0.7.5, and may vary from version to version.
EasyCGI06.07.06Error message related to mime_magicE107 installs OK, but error message of the form: Fatal error: mime_magic could not be initialized, magic file c:\php4\magic.mime is not available in c:\websites\heroicfew2\\e107_handlers\mail.php when attempting certain functions which send mail. Its a server configuration issue.
Webmania04.11.06'Permission denied' error accessing usersettings, prefs Mod_security problem
Open up your .htaccess file (or create one if it doesnt exist) and insert the following:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterRemove 300015

May need further mods by host to make stats logging work

byethost.com25.06.06Blank page when attempting to run installerSome free packages appear to have the same problem as X10hosting (see above), while others have successfully installed E107 without modification.
IIS 5.x and IIS 6.xvariousVariedVarious issues - info from those who have installed successfully please

One problem is 'undefined $DOCUMENT_ROOT' errors. This is a server config issue:

To solve this set the DOCUMENT_ROOT variable in the environment on your server (ControlPanel >> System >> Advanced >> Environment variables...). Set this variable in the System variables part and after a reboot the variable is accessible through PHP.
NoneThese sites should 'just work'

Problems specific to Release 0.7.5

1. PHP timeouts (or site running very slowly). Often cured by disabling the newforumposts menu. Sometimes occurs when viewing specific forum threads. Cause is a bug in the bbcode handler: e107_handlers/bbcode_handler.php - replace with version 1.41 (and no other) from CVS, or upgrade to a later released version of E107.

Problems specific to Release 0.7.4

1. After upgrade from 0.6xx, cannot log in, even from e107_admin/admin.php. A later version of class2.php (V1.281 or later) will address this - obtain from CVS or a later released package.

Problems specific to Release 0.7.2

1. Problems with the stats logging could cause excessive CPU use and creation of very large files in the logs directory. Usually manifested as php execution timeouts; can also be just make site appear slow. Solution: Delete the large log files; either disable stats logging, or update the relevant files to a newer version.

2. Occasional errors involving a shortcode file, typically when trying to access the admin screen. This is due to a corrupted shortcode file -e107_files/shortcode/ (for no apparent reason). Solution: delete the offending file; re-upload. (Note: Just overwriting without deleting appears not to work).

Other notes

Dependent on the theme, you may see either a blank screen or a partial display. If some admin functions are not accessible, its probably one or more corrupted language files.

BOM - Byte Order Mark

Language files must not have anything in the file prior to the '<?php' (This includes the BOM - Byte Order Marker - which is not visible in many editors, and may be added transparently).

  • You may see a blank page or strange characters at the beginning of a page display or RSS feed; for example:
< ? xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ? >


If your server runs suPHP for protection, it will throw up an "Internal server error (error 500)" error if you have any php_flags in your .htaccess file ( for magic quotes and error levels etc ). You have to remove these entries and use suPHP_ConfigPath plus a php.ini instead. Try also to chmod your folders 755 and your files 644.

Plugin Manager Rights

Plugin manager doesn't always expand files with suitable access rights. Solution: change manually after upload, or edit e107_admin/plugin.php to assign suitable rights.

Path Names

In 0.6xx, the predefined directory names end with the name of the directory. In 0.7xx the file paths have a trailing '/'. This can affect the way in which file names are specified anywhere these names are used.