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Installing e107 for the first time
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What's important for Step 3 of the installation

To complete this stage you require four pieces of information; they are:

  1. SQL server
  2. SQL Username
  3. SQL password
  4. SQL database name/schema

Your host should provide you with this information; or you may be able to set all but the SQL server yourself.

Do you have the first 3 ?

No? Follow this box.
Note that usually, every host provider gives you the server/user/password combination to your MySQL
You MUST at least have received your MySQL Server name (if not, it's often 'localhost' or And if you haven't been given a user/password combination for mySQL, probably either you can set it yourself, or its the same as your account/domain (check with your host provider)

Now, if what's missing is your MySQL User/Password, let's see what we can do... We need to create a superuser for your MySQL database, this user must be able to do everything he wants to work correctly. We'll first try to use PhpMyAdmin, run it (you can access it from your cPanel (or whatever admin panel your host provides) and verify if you can create a user in the main page.

No ? Now verify if you have an option in your cPanel that looks like "Manage your MySQL database"/User management

Create a superuser and give him all the available permissions. Use a secure Username/Password and write it down somewhere you won't lose it.

Now, you don't necessarily need to know the name of your MySQL database, as said before, if you have the correct permissions, you can create a database directly from the install script should you want to, and you want to! This is the simplest solution.

Can you make it?

No ? Well, that probably means that your host provider created a database for you and that he won't allow you more than 1 MySQL database. Let's find out how he called it :
  • Connect to your cPanel (or whatever admin tool you have from your host)
  • Look for the control of MySQL database
  • You probably are able to create/retrieve the database information from there.

Now, you should have the necessary information to continue on installing the fabulous e107 CMS ^_^