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How To Section of e107 handbook
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The way e107 pulls a logo to show on your site can be done in several ways:-

Logo Image Locations

There are two places where the default site logo is taken from, these are:

  • First the system checks your theme's 'images' folder (e107_themes/your theme/images) for the file called logo.png.
  • Avoid changing this file as it is likely to be overwritten by upgrades.


  • Second, if not found then, the e107 default logo is used, which is located in the e107_images folder - called logo.png


{LOGO} Shortcode

The theme designer should use the {LOGO} shortcode to show where the Logo is displayed (see Theming), if logo.png is missing from the theme, then e107 uses the default logo.png from the e107_images folder.

Updating Your Theme

With minimal php knowledge you can open up the theme.php file and see if the logo is called using the {LOGO} shortcode. If it is then you can simply replace the image in theme/images folder with your own as long as you call it logo.png.

However, if this is a standard shipped theme, then this file could be overwritten during upgrades. Instead, create your own theme in a folder with it's own name (copy an existing one). For more details see Theming Documentation.

However some themes do use a html link to the logo which will look something like:

<img src='".THEME."images/logo.gif' alt='Site Logo' title='Site Logo' style='vertical-align:middle' />

In this case change the image name, add the alt and title info and mod the style to suit your theme though.

However you could replace the {LOGO} shortcode with a html link like that shown above so you can pull the logo in a different format - the call uses a .gif file instead of .png - or see #Changing the Logo Shortcode


Some themes also use a different method with a call from the e107_themes/yourtheme/style.css file and that is a bit harder to find. If you look in the $HEADER section of your theme.php file you might see something like this: