How can I use Google Mail as my SMTP server?

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Gmail Account Settings

First, subscribe for a new gmail account, if you do not already have one.

Log on to GMail, go to Settings and then Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

In the section POP Download: activate Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on and Save your settings.

e107 Mailer Settings

Login to your e107 website.

Go to Admin > Users > Mail > Options.

On e107 Mailer Settings you only need to change the following Email Method settings:

Emailing Method

  1. Method Default is PHP.
    • For Gmail server you need to select 'smtp'.
  2. Emailing Method > SMTP Server:
    • SMTP Server Name: ssl://
    • this may be changed by Google at any time so see the help page below.
  3. Email Method > SMTP Username: (optional)
    • It is not optional for GMail Server.
    • Enter your Gmail Account Name which is usually your gmail address.
  4. Email Method > SMTP Password: (optional)
    • It is not optional for the GMail Server.
    • Enter the password you normally use to login to the Gmail server.


Pause Settings

Keep the Pause Settings at this level or HIGHER, or you could get locked out by tripping server anti-spam protection filters.

Bounced Email Processing

The following are only required if you need e107 to login and pick up rejected mail.

Suggest you get the first part working first, as you can see bounced mails back in your inbox anyway.

Never the less the settings are below.

  1. Bounced Email Processing > Email address:
    • YOUR GMail address e.g.
  2. Incoming Mail (POP3)
    • ssl:// is the gmail server.
  3. Account Name:
    • YOUR GMail email account e.g.
  4. Password:
    • YOUR GMail password.
  5. Save your e107 Settings


When using the Click to Send Email button, e107 will send a "test mail" to the test address indicated under the button.

Test Example Message

Subject: 	Test email from e107 Website Name (SMTP)
Date: 	Tue, 5 Jun 2012 07:19:09 -0400
From: 	Main Admin <>
To: 	Test address <>
This is a test email, it appears that your email settings are working ok!
from the e107 website system. 


Any mail being sent with the help of is also kept as a copy in the Outbox of your gmail account, so you can check what you site has send away.

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