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Changing Your e107 Site Theme

In the Admin Area select Tools > Theme Manager (e107_admin/theme.php).

Next select a theme from the 'Available Themes' section:

  1. Select the preferred theme
  2. Click on the button 'Set As Site Theme'

Uploading New Themes

FTP Upload

Best method to upload a theme:

  1. Download a theme from a reliable source e.g. plugins@e107.
  2. Unpack your .zip or .tar.gz archive.
  3. Upload it with your FTP client into your e107_themes/ folder.

e107 Theme Manager

Other available method, within e107 admin panel:

  1. Go to Admin > Theme Manager
  2. At 'Upload theme (.zip or .tar.gz format)' click on 'Browse'
  3. Select the downloaded theme archive and click 'Open'
  4. Click on 'Upload theme'
  5. The selected theme should be available in the 'Available Themes' section.

Note: if you get upload errors such as



"That file does not appear to be a valid .zip or .tar archive." 

Please review Solve post install problems.

Creating your own e107 Themes

It is easy to create your own theme. The simplest way is to:-

  • Take a copy of a shipped theme
  • Create a new folder under the themes folder, such as
    • e107_themes/my_theme_name
  • Save all the files in the new folder.
  • Edit the file theme.php to change the general layout.
  • Edit the file style.css to modify the colours, sizes, and backgrounds and so forth.
  • You can change a great deal more by
    • editing Template files, such as forum and News.
    • add your own Shortcodes.
    • add your own BBCodes.

See: Creating a theme from scratch.

Warning: Avoid editing a shipped theme directly, or indeed any other e107 shipped files, as this creates problems or work for you:-
 1 Risks overwrite at upgrade.
 2 Introduces delays at upgrade, as you will need to re-implement all of your changes.

e107 Shipped Themes

If you run into issues, it is recommended you temporarily set you themes back to a shipped theme, so that you can rule out Third Party Themes. In general, we recommend the following default/shipped themes:-

  • Site Theme
    • Reline
    • e107v4
  • Admin Theme
    • Jayya

These can easily set back to your prefered theme once you have finished debugging your issue.

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