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Adding content to the handbook
Main page > I : First Aid > II : Development > III : Administration > IV : How To's > V : Plugin Writing > VI : Theming & Shortcodes


You want to add a page to the manual? Nothing is more simple!

You'll need to do the following steps so that your article is written with the handbook look and is referred to.

How to Create A Wiki Page

Method 1 : From URL Address Bar

In your browser type the page name after title=, For Example:

Hence: New Wiki Page

This opens the editor page.

Method 2: Link In Another Document

Edit a document. Add a link to the page you want to create, such as [[My New Wiki Page]] For example:

I really should create the page [[Fantastic e107]].

This would be displayed like this - and it should show Fantastic e107 in red, unless someone creates it :

I really should create the page Fantastic e107.

New Page Editor

Clicking the link Opens the Editor.

Editing Fantastic e107

From e107 Wiki

You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet.

To create the page, start typing in the box below (see the help page for more info).

If you are here by mistake, click your browser's back button.

e107 Wiki Basic Page Structure

Including the Main Page Styling

Much of the structure is controlled neatly by Templates we have created. These are 'include files' which pull in the code for the main box and the cube image and so forth.

The main template to begin with is:-

{{Handbook open|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}

Sometimes the title can misbehave, so if you want to use your own title:

{{Handbook open|title of your page}}

Including Links to Translated versions of the page

<small>[[About e107|English]] | [[Ueber e107|Deutsch]] | etc </small>

Including a Navigation Map

There are six main sections of the wiki. Select which map to include in your article. The code for each follows:-

  • Introduction - {{map|firstaid}}
  • Development - {{map|dev}}
  • Admin / User Guide - {{map|admin}}
  • How To's - {{map|howto}}
  • plugin Writing - {{map|plugin_write}}
  • Shortcodes - {{map|shortcode}}

Including Categories

Categories classify your article in main topics of interest. They are used so that in the Category Main Page, they get listed together with similar documents on a subject. The links are displayed at the footer of each document. Main Categories include all the main Admin Area Links and all the core plugins. There are other general categories such as Security, SEO, Install and so forth so that subjects of interest are kept together. We also use the Main Language Category to help build content in a specific Language. e107 Handbook is always included as this comes from the Template.

It is useful to list Categories at the bottom of the page, and where possible, order them in a logical Navigation Path for the reader. Try to think like a new person would.

So for example

[[Category:Deutsch]] [[Category:Admin]] [[Category:Settings]] [[Category:Preferences]] [[Category:Security]] [[Category:SEO]]

These are displayed along the bottom like this

Categories: e107 Handbook | Deutsch | Admin | Settings | Preferences | Security | SEO

Finally Close the Handbook

Lastly add the Handbook close template which neatens everything up and drops in the bottom half of the page.

{{Handbook close}}

In Summary


  • Add a link in an existing page to [[A_New_Page]] so... A_New_Page

Follow the red Link to edit the new page... Copy this example content below.

{{Handbook open| type in title of your page }}


{{Handbook open| {{FULLPAGENAME}} }} HINT: don't change the above at all - it gets name from page title automatically.

or {{map|dev}}
or {{map|admin}}
or {{map|howto}}
or {{map|plugin_write}}
or {{map|shortcode}}

<small>[[About e107|English]] | [[Ueber e107|Deutsch]] | etc </small>

==Main Titles==

Enter your page text here...

===Sub Titles===

* Bullet List

# Number List

Internal Links [[Wiki_Page_Title_Link|Link Text To Display]]

External Links [ Link Text To Display]

Include a YouTube Video {{#ev:youtube|pwFZi5X4JuM}}

<!-- To Leave comment for other editors -->

Categories -




{{Handbook close}}

How to add an article to the handbook