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A hall of fame plugin for e107 site members. Visitors and members can vote in a hall of fame.

Current version 1.1
Available from My Site or e107 plugins
Author Father Barry
Requirements e107 0.7.14+
Bug reports Please post bug reports at Father Barry's bugtracker
Support Forum Discussion and suggestions at Forum


A hall of fame voting plugin. Very configurable plugin which allows people to vote for a series of options. Results can be hidden, minimum and maximum numbers of votes can be set etc.

The Basics


Copy the folder to your plugins folder. From Plugin Manager install the plugin. Then do a database validity check and integrity check.

Main Configuration

The Main Configuration menu option allows you to set the general preferences for the plugin. This section allows you to set the general preferences. These are preferences that relate to the whole of the plugin.

Date Format The dateformat used by the calendar.
Admin Class The class for the administrator(Not currently used in this version).
View and Vote Class Which userclass is allowed to access the Hall of Fame plugin.


With this option you can generate reminders for people in specified userclasses. Handy for setting a reminder for all your admins or staff. It will allow generation in excess of the maximum permitted number of reminders per user.

Poll List

A list of polls. Click on New Poll to create a new poll. Click the edit icon to edit a poll and the delete icon to delete a poll.

Editing a Poll

Poll Header

Poll Last Updated The date and time the poll was last updated.
Created by Name of the person creating the poll.
Poll Starts The date the poll starts.
Poll Ends The date the poll ends
Title The title of the poll. Shown on the front page and at the top of each hall of fame and the voting page.
Description A full description of the poll (Supports BBCodes) Displayed in the hall or on the voting page.
Active Allow the poll to be shown. Useful when creating the poll not to have it visible or if you wish to suspend a poll for any reason.
Make Public An active poll can have its results hidden until you are ready to reveal. This can be used to prevent voters seeing the results and having their decision influenced by other voting patterns.
View Hall Class If this hall is active and public, you can restrict its visibility to the specified user class.
Vote class Which user class can vote in the poll.
Minimum selections The minimum number of votes allowed to be cast. 0 to have no minimum.
Maximum selections The maximum number of votes allowed to be cast. 0 to have no maximum.

Poll Detail

Record The record ID of the poll.
Value The item name of the poll element.
URL to details Optional link to further details on the poll element.
Delete Delete this element when saving the record.

Notes on Polls

By configuring maximum and minimum values you can specify that a poll must have:

  • Any number of votes
  • A minimum number of votes
  • A maximum number of votes
  • A specific number of votes.
  • A number of votes between the minimum and maximum