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0.6xx -> .7 Upgrade Guide

This document describes how to upgrade from E107 version 0.6xx to E107 version 0.7xx. It is primarily written with the assumption that you are upgrading version 0.617 (or later); however the update routines from versions as far back as 0.602 are included and require only a few more simple steps.

There is no need to upgrade to 0.617 or 0.6175 before moving on to 0.7xx.

As always: Back up first!

Note: E107 has undergone a lot of changes from .617 to .7. You are strongly advised to set up a test site to familiarise yourself with the changes prior to attempting an upgrade, especially if it is important to you to keep your site live. You can set up a test site on your PC quite easily using a package such as easyphp or XAMPP.

Essential Points

  • If you are upgrading an English site from .617 you will need the separate English iso-8859-1 language pack, as the default core English language pack is now in the UTF character set. If you do not do this some characters in your database content will display corrupted. (If your site in English, it may be preferable to move to utf-8, which is the preferred long-term solution, and manually update any non-displaying characters).
  • If your .617 site is non-English you will need to make sure the .7 lan pack in your language is both
    1. available in ISO or in UTF8 (recommended)
    2. in the same character set as your current .617 language pack. (usually in the ISO-xxx format)
If it is not in the same character set as your original, some characters in your content, if not all, will display corrupted. If you don't have a language pack available in your former encoding, you'll need to upgrade your database content to the new UTF8 encoding format.
  • The plugins you currently use on your .617 site may not work with .7 so you must check this before upgrading your site. ('Core' plugins have an upgrade path within E107, so there is no problem there - it's mostly third party plugins which may need to be checked).
  • Most .617 themes seem to work well but you should be prepared for the possibility that your existing theme may have problems when using .7 - so test it out first.
  • 0.7 is almost a complete rewrite of .617 and so there are many database changes. For this reason it is essential that you make a backup of your site using PhpMyAdmin or another third party SQL backup - do not use the e107 core database backup system in e107 as this does not work. I know everyone always says you should backup - but for once this time it's really meant as no-one will be able to help you if you lose content or it gets corrupted and with such heavy database changes this could be possible.
  • If you have forums, and presumably other items that have been moved from "core" to plug-in status, it may be helpful to "install" that feature before you upgrade the database. While the information will not be deleted if you don't do this before the upgrade, it may appear as though it has. Upgrading the database then enabling the forums, for instance, will then require upgrading the database again after the forums are enabled.

Warning! There are files related to htmlArea, the WYSIWYG system in the 0.6xx branch of e107, that are known to be exploitable. These must be removed immediately. Please delete the following directories and all their contents from your server: e107_handlers/htmlarea/ e107_admin/htmlarea/

Upgrade process

1. Download the current .7 core zip and your required .7 language pack (English iso-8859-1 for English sites).

2. Login to your site and go to the admin area and set your maintenance flag to true (Admin => Maintenance). This will close your site off to visitors whilst you perform the upgrade.

3. Check your database validity by using the tool located at Admin => Database => Check Database Validity. If you have any errors do not continue with the upgrade process as these must be fixed first.

4. If you have cache enabled, disable it and empty it.

5. Select the e107V4a theme for both admin and user pages (this is common to 0.6xx and 0.7).

6. Go to your admin-->menus page and disable any menus relating to 0.6xx features which are different in 0.7 - in particular the reviews and articles menus, and forum-related menus. Also disable any menus relating to non-core plugins.

7. Go back to your admin area frontpage.

8. Extract the contents of the 0.7 core zip and upload the files to your server - overwriting the existing .617 files. (Make sure your FTP client is set to 'overwrite always', not just 'overwrite if newer'). Make sure you don't overwrite the file e107_config.php.

9. If you have opted to continue with ISO encoding, extract the contents of the language pack (in this release its just one file - English.php) and upload the file(s) to your server - overwriting the existing one(s).

10. Refresh your admin front page in your browser and you will see an 'update available' button appear. Click this to take to you to the update page (Alternatively you can reach the update page through Admin =>Database => Check For Updates).

11. If you are running a version of E107 earlier than 0.617, you will see various update buttons to bring the database up to 0.617. Click each of these in turn, in the obvious order.

12. Click the .617 to .7 core update button. This will run the first step in the upgrade process. When it finishes you will see several new buttons appear for the upgrade routines for forum, content and statistics. Even if you do not use these e107 features, run each update anyway.

13. Once all updates have been processed you should no longer have buttons on the updates page and you have completed the upgrade process.

14. Go back to the database validity tool and check once again that everything passes ok.

15. Edit e107_config.php and comment out or delete the line which says:

define("e_HTTP", "/xaddons/e107/");

(it's the one containing 'e_HTTP' you want - the latter part of the line will vary with your system).

You may notice some e107 elements have gone missing - forum, chatbox, content, links, etc... well dont worry, they haven't really! A large part of the e107 core has been 'pluginified' and you will find all these elements are now stand alone plugins which can be found under Admin => Plugins. (The actual files are in the e107_plugins directory). You will need to install these plugins (using the Plugin Manager) before you can use them.

A point to note is that your existing links page links have been separated from the main 'site links' and the upgrade routine has moved them to the new links page plugin.

Reviews, articles and content have also been pluginified and incorporated into one plugin called 'Content Management', which is considerably more powerful. If you used any of these features in 0.6xx or will be wanting to use this new plugin for new content, you will need to change some additional directory permissions for the new plugin. Please see the relevant entry regards this under 'Permissions'.

With the restructuring of the directories some of the internal links within your site may no longer work. Check these out, using constants such as {e_IMAGE} for directories wherever possible (see: );

Version .7 comes with a new theme, Jayya, which has been designed for the admin area of the site and is intended to make administration more user friendly, implementing several new features for this job. If you would like to try it out, go to Admin => Theme Manager and change the admin area theme to 'Jayya'.

Because of the huge number of changes in .7 and on the basis its an almost total rewrite, there may be some problems when you upgrade. The two 'troubleshooting' HowTos in this wiki may well help, and the answer may already be in the forums. If you do find a specific bug please post this in the bugtracker on so that we may fix the issue in the next release of the system, giving as much relevant information as possible.

Permissions: Core

The following permissions should be set for using e107 core (most of these will have already been set this way from your previous 0.6xx install):

chmod 777: e107_themes/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/

chmod 777: e107_files/public/

chmod 777: e107_files/public/avatars/

chmod 777: e107_files/cache/

Permissions: Plugins

The following permissions will need to be set if you were using statistics in your 0.6xx site or wish to use the new Statistic Logging plugin at some point in the future:

chmod 777: e107_plugins/log/logs/

The following permissions will need to be set if you were using the links page in your 0.6xx site or wish to use the new links page plugin at some point in the future:

chmod 777: e107_plugins/links_page/cat_images/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/links_page/link_images/

The following permissions will need to be set if you were using Reviews / Articles or Content in your 0.6xx site or wish to use the new Content Management plugin at some point in the future:

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/images/cat/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/images/cat/16/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/images/cat/48/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/images/file/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/images/file/tmp/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/images/icon/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/images/icon/tmp/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/images/image/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/images/image/tmp/

chmod 777: e107_plugins/content/menus/


If you have any problems with the upgrade such as being locked out of your site please clear your cache by deleting the php files in e107_files/cache/.

CVS Users

If you have upgraded your 0.6xx install to 0.7 using a CVS nightly build or downloading directly from the CVS repository, you need to check what character set you are currently using. You will find this information displayed on your admin area front page under the 'Site Info' menu where it says 'Charset'. If under Charset it says you are using 'utf-8' then you need only download the main core zip and upgrade with that. Your charset is the default that 0.7 runs with and so is included in the main zip. However, if the Charset says iso-8859-1 and you run an English site then you must download the seperate English iso-8858-1 language pack alongside the main core zip and overwrite the language files in the core zip with those you find in the iso-8858-1 zip. For non English sites make sure to get your language in the same Charset as is listed on the admin area frontpage under Site Info.


This software is free and as such comes without warranty as stated in the GNU GPL License (included in this package). Any problem encountered due to deficiencies in this software is not the responsibility of the author(s).