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Symptom: I forgot my main admin password and now I can't access my admin area.

Solution 1

For very good security reasons it's impossible to reset your password unless you're logged in. If you haven't written your password down in a safe place please do so now, then this scenario will never happen. If it does, you will have to reset your password manually using PhpMyAdmin or another similar MySQL manager. Go to the users table, the main admin should be user number 1. Click on the edit button and change the password to 4cb9c8a8048fd02294477fcb1a41191a, this will change your password to changeme. Now log in and update your password immediately.

Solution 2

This technique is almost the same as the previous one, except the next difference... Not sure in what version PhpMyAdmin added that md5 thing, but it works at least since PhpMyAdmin version 2.11.4

Instead of passing the complete MD5 string as mentioned in solution 1, just put the password as you want it (in the above example that is changeme) but be sure to select MD5 from the drop down box on the left. That way your password will be converted into a MD5 string and your new password is set, then you can login with the new password on your website.

Solution 3

Another way is if you have another e107 with a different password (that you DO know) and you have PhpMyAdmin access. Copy that password and open another instance of PhpMyAdmin to the "lost password" site and paste it.