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Third part of the e107 handbook
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File Inspector

The File Inspector is an admin tool for scanning and analysing the files on your sites server. It can be found in your admin area under tools. As it scans your sites server it checks each file and compiles a break down based on whether the file is an e107 core file and passes an integrity check, or whether the file is unknown to e107. The results are displayed in an explorer style, directory tree interface and the files are clearly marked as to their status.

File Inspector Scan

When the inspector encounters an e107 core file it checks it for file consistency to make sure it isn't corrupted and hasn't been tampered with (by comparing an md5 hash of the file with its corresponding md5 hash in the core image).

Running a Scan

  • Go to Admin -> Tools -> File Inspector
  • Choose Default All Options

Reviewing File Inspector Scan Results

Now you have ran the inspector check the results closely.

Here is a sample scan.

fileinspector.png Overview Interpretation
file_core.png Core files: 2238 8.58 mb
file_missing.png Missing core files: none
  • Any Missing?
  • FTP the missing file/s individually up to the server.
file_unknown.png Non core files: 239 3.84 mb
  • Are the Non Core Files Yours?
  • Do they belong to themes or plugins?
  • Are they uploaded themes or images?
  • Or worse maybe they have been put there by a Bot or Spammer?
file_old.png Old core files: 3 65 kb
file.png Total files: 2480 12.48 mb Counts may vary from release to release.
integrity_fail.png Integrity Check ( 1 files failed )
  • Locate and examine all failed files.
  • Have you customised them?
    • Consider putting them back as they should be?
    • Write a Plugin, instead, then you can upgrade more smoothly.
file_check.png Core files passed: 2236 8.32 mb Good :D
file_fail.png Core files failed: 1 8 kb
  • In this test case, e107_config.php was flagged.
  • This is OKay because I know I edited it.
  • I included ZB Block config option on my site.
file_uncalc.png Integrity incalculable: 1 256 kb

When you have problems with your website this should be one of your first debugging checks to do.

Core File Inspector Failure Problems and Solutions

This could mean several things...

The file is corrupted

This could be because the file was corrupted in the zip, got corrupted during extraction or got corrupted during file upload via FTP. You should try re-uploading the file to your server and re-run the scan to see if this resolves the error.

The file is out of date

If the file is from an older release of e107 to the version you are running then it will fail the integrity check. Make sure you have uploaded the newest version of this file.

The file has been edited

If you have edited this file in anyway it will not pass the integrity check. If you intentionally edited this file then you need not worry and can ignore this integrity check fail. If however the file was edited by someone else without authorisation you may want to re-upload the proper version of this file from the e107 zip.

If you are a CVS user

If you run checkouts of the e107 CVS on your site instead of the official e107 stable releases, then you will discover files have failed integrity check because they have been edited by a dev after the latest core image snapshot was created

See Also Integrity check For Plugins

  • Plugin Integrity check
  • Note 0.7.24 File Inspector - Falsely reports php_compatibility_handler.php as Integrity Fail - Do not delete, this is part of e107 code [1].