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A classified advertising Plugin.

Current version 1.11
Available from My Site or e107 plugins
Author Father Barry
Requirements e107 0.7.6+
Bug reports Please post bug reports at Father Barry's bugtracker
Support Forum Discussion and suggestions at Forum


This is a simple classifieds adverts system for your e107 web site. Users can create an advert according to your categories and sub categories. They can attach multiple images of the item and use a graphical counter if they wish (like on a well known auction site.)

  • WYSIWYG Support using tinymce (if selected in e107)
  • rss feeds (using e107 rss manager)
  • Random advert menu
  • Option to use drop down for sub categories rather than a list
  • Uses e107 Notify
  • Uses e107 Latest/recent menus
  • Integrates with e107 search
  • Printable version
  • PDF Version
  • Email link t o a friend.
  • Optional category and sub category icons
  • Option to show a thumbnail for each item that has a picture.
  • Admin can specify a counter or disable counters.
  • Integrates with my Top Items menu

The Basics

Before you can use the e_Classifieds plugin you will need to set the preferences in the main configuration then create categories and sub categories. You need to create at least one category and one sub category. You may opt to use just sub categories but you still need to create a parent category even though it is not used.


Upload the plugin's e_classifieds directory to your plugins folder. To be able to upload images you need to set the images/classifieds directory to read/write (chmod 755). On successful completion, do an integrity check to ensure the files are correctly uploaded then a database validity check to make sure the database tables were correctly created. If this is OK then go to the main configuration.

Main Configuration

The Main Configuration menu option allows you to set the general preferences for the plugin.

Categories and Sub Categories

The Categories & Sub Categories menu options allow you to set up the categories and sub categories. You need at least one of each.


Main Configuration

This section allows you to set the general preferences. These are preferences that relate to the whole of the plugin.

Approval Required If adverts need to be approved by an administrator before they are displayed then this should be set to YES
Classified Valid Days This is the number of days the advert is valid for. Set it to zero for no expiry dates for all the adverts.
Read Class The e107 user class that is permitted to view the classified advert system. Individual categories can have their own userclass assigned.
Admin Class The class which is permitted to administer adverts
Create Adverts Class The class who can create adverts. You may want to allow everybody to access to the plugin to see the posted adverts but restrict creating an advert to only those members who are in the specified user class.
Date Format The format for date display when using the popup calendar.
Use User Rating Ticking this check box allows members to rate a seller. It is not sophisticated like the well known auction site, just a simple rating.
Allow a different email address By ticking this box you will allow sellers to use a different email address to that used in their site membership.
Display Category and Sub Category Icons It is possible to show Category and Sub Category icons on the category and sub category pages. Ticking this enables this facility.
Use Drop Down for Sub_Category This changes the way sub categories are displayed. If selected, the sub categories are displayed in a drop down box rather than a list.
Use thumbnails in list Ticking this shows a thumbnail of the item for sale in the list of adverts contained in a sub category.
Thumbnail Height The size in pixels that the thumbnails will be resided to when displayed in the listing page.
Picture Height The size in pixels that the pictures will be resizeded to on the main advert display. If more than one picture is associated with an advert then this is the size they will be in the scrolling display. Clicking on the small picture will open up the full size image.
Currency Symbol The generic currency symbol shown with the price. This affects all the plugin's adverts. There is no option for multiple currencies.
Adverts per page The number of adverts shown on a page before the next / previous buttons are shown.
Pad Counter If you want the counter to be displayed with leading zeros, enter the number of digits the counter should show.
Use Counter Disable Counters - Do not allow any counters on any adverts.

User Selects Counters - Allow the advert poster to chose the counter type Any other value forces all adverts to show the selected counter

Terms and Conditions The text to display when a user clicks on the terms and conditions link. This will probably be some form of disclaimer.
Description Meta Tags Text to be put in to the description meta tag when displaying adverts
Keywords Meta Tags Text to be put in to the Keywords meta tag when displaying adverts


This section allows you to add, update and delete the categories that the plugin uses. You need atleast one category and one sub category.

Sub Categories

Sub Cats a further refining of the categories


This section allows you to manage submitted adverts if you have approval required turned on. Selecting this menu option allows you to list all those adverts that are currently requiring approval. Ticking in the OK column will approve the advert. Ticking the Delete column will delete the advert.

After selecting OK or Delete click on Update

Purge Expired Adverts

When an advert has reached its expiry date (the period is set in the main configuration) it will no longer be displayed. You can re approve an advert from this form (it will give it a new expiry date) or delete the advert.

Tick the appropriate column to assign a new expiry date or the delete column to delete it then click Update

Managing Adverts

If users are allowed to create adverts (ie they are in the create adverts class) then they can manage their own adverts. If they are an admin (in the administer adverts class) then they can administer all adverts without having e107 admin status.