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E107 Glossary
Main page > I : First Aid > II : Development > III : Administration > IV : How To's > V : Plugin Writing > VI : Theming & Shortcodes

e107 Admin Area Glossary

Admin Area The main administration control panel.

Settings - e107 System Settings

Users - e107 User Management Area

  • Admin Password - Set your Adminstrator Password
  • Administrators - Manage Access Levels of your users set as administrators (Make User Admin first via Users)
  • Banning - Manage, add and remove user and IP bans on your site.
  • Extended Fields - Manage Extra-User-Profile Fields
  • Mail - System email settings and sends out mass emails to site members.
  • User Classes - Manages User Classes
  • Users - Manages Users.

Content - e107 Primary Content Administration Area

  • Banners - Manages Advertising Banner / Rotation / Client/Affiliate Management.
  • Custom Content Overview - Creates and manages Web Pages & Menu Boxes
  • Downloads - Manage your files for visitor downloading
  • Menus - Manages the displayed Menu Boxes created in Custom Menus and supplied by core and other plugins
  • News - Maintains your websites news publishing
  • Public Uploads - Settings to control the upload of user content (files upload for the Downloads plugin)
  • Welcome Message - Sets up Welcome Messages for different types of users - often used to hold your website entry page - helps SEO.

Tools - e107 System Maintenance and Security Toolset

  • Maintenance Flag - Controls access to your site - i.e. site-down.
  • File Inspector - Tool for verifying your e107 installation - useful to tracking installation and security problems
  • Database - Database management tools
  • File Manager - Maintains user uploaded files (Downloads and Images for News and Content).
  • Notify - Sends Messages to your users
  • PHP Info - Describes your webhost environment
  • Theme Manager - Allows you to change your Website Look and Feel

Plugins - e107's Plugin Management System - Used for Installing and Maintaining Core and Third Party Apps.

Core Plugins - Plugins Provided by the e107 core development team
  • Alternate authentication - Provides facility to use other User Databases, such as Single Sign On, Another e107 site & LDAP
  • Content Management - e107's VERY Powerful Document Publishing System - steep learning curve!!!
  • Event Calendar - A simple Calendar or comprehensive Event Management System
  • Forum - e107 Internet Forum System - many good features which are comparable with the best
  • Google sitemap - Plugin to enable Google to Index your site more easily
  • Integrity check - Checks the viability/health/compatibility of other Plugins
  • Links Page - Link Management System for maintaining your fully categorised links to other websites
  • LinkWords - Enable automated links to appear when specific words are entered on the system
  • List - Provides a listing of what's new on the website, fully configurable to compatible content and plugins
  • New forum posts - Menu to display a listing of new threads posted in the forum
  • Newsfeed - RSS reader for importing syndicated content
  • Newsletter - Manages and sends out News letters to your subscribers
  • PDF - Provides the visitor with the ability to download your webpages in portable document format
  • Poll - Manages site level visitor opinion polls also compatible with the forum Plugin
  • Private Messenger - enables messages to be exchanged between your site members, extensive configuration options for fine control
  • RSS - Syndicates your compatible content for others to use your content on their external website, news reader or other media enable devices
  • Statistic logging - Website Statistics recording for your e107 content, useful for where your webhost tools are inadequate
  • Trackback - Version History Viewer for News Items
Core Menu Plugins - Core plugins with menus
  • Admin Menu - Quick Access Combo-box for the front end to enable direct access to Accessible Admin Tools
  • Banner Menu - Used for the placement of your banner campaigns
  • Blog Calendar Menu - Displays your historic news items in a mini-calendar format
  • Calendar Menu - Displays future events in a similar mini-calendar
  • Chatbox Menu - Enables logged in users to chat directly in real time
  • Clock Menu - Displays a Clock
  • Comment Menu - Displays recent Comments
  • Compliance Menu - Displays W3 Compliance Logos
  • Content Menu - Provides a menus for each category created in the Content Management Plugin
  • Counter Menu - Displays a website visitor menu - requires Stats Log Plugin enabled
  • Feature Box - Short messages can be displayed in rotation
  • Last Seen Menu - Lists recent visitors to your site
  • Login Menu - Provides the ability for user to login, request new password and to sign up.
  • Online Extended Menu - Displays active visitors and various stats
  • Online Menu - Simpler version of the above
  • Other News Menu - Provides two menus which display other news and other news 2 - when selected in the News Display style
  • Powered By Menu - e107 image and link if you want to link back to us!
  • RSS Menu - Displays summary of Syndication feeds you are subscribed to receive
  • Search Menu - Provides site search facility
  • Site Button Menu - For your link-to-us feature
  • Tree Menu - Popular alternative Site Links Menu, with support for expanding sub-menu-items
  • User Language Menu - Enables visitors to switch site language
  • User Theme Menu - Enables members to change site theme individually
Third Party Plugins - Extends e107 with extra functionality

e107 Theme Design Glossary

A theme is a package of files used to control the look and feel of your e107 website.

  • theme.php - provides the main container layout for your pages
  • style.css - supports theme.php with style information for the elements used in your theme design
  • Theme Information Variables - Where you store the details of the theme for display in the the Theme Manager
  • Shortcodes - Codes used to easily include pre-formatted e107 content.
  • Templates - Finer level control of e107 features

e107 Plugin & Developer Glossary