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How to write a plugin
Main page > I : First Aid > II : Development > III : Administration > IV : How To's > V : Plugin Writing > VI : Theming & Shortcodes

When you create a plugin and think it is ready for public release, you'll probably distribute it via the e107coders.org or plugins.e107.org websites.

But please make an install test before you distribute your zipped file to check those points that are common problems encountered in distributed plugins :

Is your zipped file saved in the right folder distribution

This is the right distribution :

\__your_plugin (directory)
\__your_plugin (files)

Many plugins are saved this way which is not correct :

\__your_plugin_vX (directory)
\__your_plugin (directory)
\__your_plugin (files)

Are you able to create your mySQL tables using the e107 plugins extensions ?

Try to install your plugin and check if the tables have been succesfully created.

A common issue to that is that you need to separate the creation of the tables/fields and the addition of content in the fields.

You'll find in the file plugin.php that the variables $eplug_table_names and $eplug_tables are arrays. You just need to put the command CREATE TABLE separately then the INSERT INTO fields.