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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Database Admin Tool

This collection of tools allows you to manage your database, an explanation of each function follows.

Check for Updates

If you are upgrading from a version of e107 which needs a db update, you will need to use this. Example: updating from e107 0.6175 to 0.7.x or 0.7.x < 0.7.5

Check database validity

If there are any problems with your database or you just want to check if everything is set up correctly, this is how you would validate it and fix most problems. This is a good idea after you update your database manually with phpMyAdmin or any other tool.

Optimize SQL database

If your database is running slow or if you just want to get the most speed out of what you got, use this. This will clean out things that were left behind or that are no longer needed, and when your database is smaller it will run faster. Remember that using this once a day most likely won't change anything, but once in a while its a good idea. ( Optimizing e107 )

Scan plugin directories

Use this tool to make sure your plugins are working correctly in the database and that the install went smoothly. It will tell you if a plugin is installed or not and any errors that are present. It will also register custom BBCodes onto the system.

Preferences Editor

Advanced Users Only

It will show you how your preferences information is stored in the database and how it is stored exactly. Most people would be better off editing the preferences from the site Preferences tool. If you are to use this make sure you know exactly what your change will do, otherwise use phpMyAdmin and make a backup before any changes are made.

Backup Core

It backs up your current core settings like preferences in a different row in your database, the table *_core (e107_core if you used default). Once your done updating everything you need and your site is how you would want it use this. Just a warning, this is no substitute for a full database backup, this is used so you can get old settings back quick without doing a restore.