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There are a few ways to achieve making your own pages, pick the following method that suits you most.

Simplest: Custom Page/Menus

From your Admin Area -> custom menus / pages will allow you to create content pages without the need for custom programming.

The page are stored in your database so are easy to create and update, see the relevant section on Custom Pages / Menus for more information.

Custom php Page - e107 API Template

If you want to use php code, it would probably be easier to use the following code pasted into a text editor.

 /* enter your own code here */
 $caption = "This is the caption of the page";
 $text = "and this is the main text of the page!";
 $ns -> tablerender($caption, $text); 

This page will render as a normal e107 page, with your menu items etc.

Using the Custom Page Creator

This is a Windows application written by Septor that allows you to enter html, php etc into it and it will generate a valid e107 page for you. It's currently under re-write to see current status read here.