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Third part of the e107 handbook
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Creating & Editing Pages

To create a new web page, from the Admin Control Panel, choose Content > Custom Menus/Pages > Create Page. Or from the Content List you can instead click edit content, which brings you to a similar editor page. Admin's can edit from the page itself using the edit_32.png icon.

Page Title

Set the title for the new web page in the Title / Caption field.

Page Text

The page content itself is entered into this field. The type of editor you see will depending on your global preferences for text rendering.

Text Only Editor

You may have an empty field, with no controls, in which case you have to enter the content as basic text.

BBCode Editor

You may have activated the BBCode Editor, in which case, you will see some basic formatting controls at the bottom of the Title text area. This is probably the safest easiest tool to give to site members.

See Using BBCodes

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor

If activated, you will see a word processor type tool bar across the top and the formatting tags will be hidden from view, this is known as a WYSIWYG - What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get - Editor. This is provided by the TinyMCE tool. Note that sometimes your theme styles will override your formatting and vice-versa. It is advisable to limit access to the WYSIWYG editor to senior Admins only.

Upload Images

Depending on your Site Preferences, you can allow images to be uploaded for use in your web pages.

It is recommended you upload all of your images and other files for the content, before you begin. Using the upload files button may give you a warning:

Any unsaved changes to this page will be lost. Continue?

You will have a little more control over where your images are located by using Tools -> File Manager.

Allow page to be rated

  • On
  • Off

Allow comments

  • On
  • Off

Display author and date information

  • On
  • Off

Password protect page

Enter password to protect page

Create link in main menu

Enter site link name to create. You may need to check the order placement of the link.

Page / link visible to

Choose User Class to set the visibility of the page and it's link.

Advanced Content Creation Articles

In Video

e107 How to make custom page - By gbr562

  • A quick video on how to produce a custom page on a e107 site


e107 - Adding and editing pages - By Spinning Planet


  • Learn how to add and edit pages on your website.