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Administrator : Troubleshooting your site
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Troubleshooting Topics

This page is intended to complement the more general troubleshooting pages, detailing less common problems and possible fixes.

Some of the likely problems and fixes may fit in more than one category, so its worth checking the whole of this page.

Its also worth checking the more general pages: post-install troubleshooting page and Post-install problems

Many problems with Firefox and banners (in the widest sense) relate to the use of AdBlocker in Firefox - it refuses to display things or to do certain things based on the presence of the word 'banner' in a URL. (The same problem can occur with other words). In most cases something works with other browsers, but not Firefox.

Image-related problems

SymptomPossible causeLikely fix
Icons don't display on siteImage 'hotlinking' (or 'leeching') blockedModify your .htaccess file to allow display of icons
Images don't resize on upload
Thumbnails not created
Not enough memory for resizing programIncrease memory_limit in php.ini (your host may have to do this) from its typical default of 8M or 16M (Note: Problem may only occur with high resolution images - larger than about 640 x 480 pixels)

Blank Screen problems

SymptomPossible causeLikely fix
GeneralFlood protection triggeredInvestigate cause; occasionally may be corrupt database
GeneralIP Address bannedInvestigate cause; delete IP address from banlist if valid
SecurityAccess Denied WarningsSee the FAQ. Some older plugins do not support the e_Token system.

Database Related problems

SymptomPossible causeLikely fix
Error when updating user settings: "Column count doesn't match value count..."Extra fields in user database tableProbably user database table modified by non-core plugin or custom code. Run database validator to identify the extra field(s) and delete it. Use extended user fields for extra user-related fields
User settings won't updateExtra database fields as previous lineAs previous line

File Upload problems

SymptomPossible causeLikely fix
Uploads don't completePHP timing outIncrease the maximum execution time specified in php.ini (may need your host to do it). Usual default is max_execution_time = 30 or 60 seconds
'File too big' messageFilesize limit too lowFirst, check the maximum upload file size set in the admin options. If this is large enough, modify the php settings in php.ini for upload_max_filesize (typically 2M) and post_max_size (typically8M) need increasing - your host may have to do this
Uploads don't complete - "Cannot find server" / "Page Cannot Be Displayed" errorServer setup problemmake sure the httpd.conf LimitRequestBody setting is high enough to accommodate the size of the desired upload.
Changing Upload SizesFilesize limit too lowThere is a trick that you can do to correct this error. Open Notepad and type:

php_value upload_max_filesize 1024M      Replace the values i have with
php_value post_max_size 1024M             the value you want left!! 1024M
php_value max_execution_time 200        equals 1 gigabyte (This is Huge)!
php_value max_input_time 200

After you replace the values and put the value you want, 1024M or any other size, then save as .htaccess in the root Directory and everything will work.

'Returned to Index Page' problems

SymptomPossible causeLikely fix
On attempting to sign upFlood protection triggeredInvestigate cause; probably too many users attempting to sign up in rapid succession. Occasionally may be corrupt database

Server Memory Allocation/Usage Issues

You may get an error such as: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted...

Problems sending emails

Always upgrade to the latest version if these occur - a lot of work has been done in this area. Note that some free hosts restrict the sending of emails. Try the various options for email sending - smtp (preferred), php and sendmail. Support for pop before smtp email sending is added in version 0.7.6

SymptomPossible causeLikely fix
'Error 500 - Malformed header' when trying to send mail.htaccess file causing problems.Delete (or modify) the .htaccess file in the e107_handlers/phpmailer subdirectory

RSS related problems

The most common problem is an 'error in feed' message when trying to view one of the fields. This is caused by characters before the opening '<?php' or after the closing '?>' in certain files. First place to look is the e_module.php, e_rss.php and e_meta.php files in each plugin directory. (Non-core plugins are more likely to have this problem).

In e107 version 0.7.8 on, the 'plugin scanner' also checks all these e_xxx.php files, and highlights those with extra white space.

Within the e107 core, the problem is most likely caused by surplus white space in the e107_config.php file (as the one which is sometimes hand edited), although potentially it can occur in other files as well.

PDF Generation problems

The most common error is "FPDF error: Some data has already been output". As for RSS feed problems, this is often caused by surplus white space in files. If all is well with the RSS feeds (assuming you are using RSS) the theme files are a good place to start.

Login/logout problems

You probably have a corrupt cookie.

  1. Close the browser
  2. delete all the cookies
  3. Reopen the browser
  4. sign in
  5. try to signout again.

Note that you should set your own cookie name in security and protection preferences when you setup e107.

Solution submitted by trickdog

Other notes

  • Dependent on the theme, you may see either a blank screen or a partial display when a problem occurs
  • The wrong use of (") instead of (') in the theme.php
  • Norton antivirus, has been found to cause problems with viewing parts of the site. Especially popups and banners, which get blocked by adblocker.
  • If some admin functions are not accessible, its probably one or more corrupted language files.
  • Language files must not have anything in the file prior to the '<?php' (This includes the BOM - Byte Order Marker - which is not visible in many editors, and may be added transparently).
  • If image preloading is enabled for the current theme, non-image files in the image directory can cause obscure problems, crashes etc
  • In versions up to 0.7.5 there was a potential conflict with the {EXTENDED} shortcode, which was used in both news and users. In 0.7.6 this has been changed to {USER_EXTENDED} for the user code. Typically this resulted in one or more extended user fields not being displayed in the user's profile.
  • Review FAQ I can see the text SANITISED on my pages.

Further Debugging Tests

Before you start these checks, back-up your database with phpMyAdmin and Backup Your e107 File System via FTP them down to your local machine.

Retest your issue each time with the following conditions.

Browsers & Local Caches

Clear browser cookies/browser local cache (or Temp Internet Files) on your browser or better still try it on another browser.


e107 Cache

Clear and Disable the e107 Cache System.

Admin -> Settings -> Cache


e107 File Inspector

Remember to BACK-UP first!

Check Files are OK, using Admin -> Tools -> File Inspector.

Look for any Error files, with red X icon. Look for any php files which you have not put in the system.


e107 Database Check

Remember to BACK-UP first!

Check e107 Database is OK, using Admin -> Tools -> Database - Check Database Validity.

Look for any database errors, select and attempt to fix.


Apply Jayya as Admin Theme


Plugins and Custom Menus

Remember to BACK-UP first!

Temporarily disable any custom menu's via Admin Area > Content > Menus.

If it works after this, sequentially re-enable the menus or plugins.



Apply a site theme which came as standard with e107 - such as e107v4.

If it works after this, then we know there may be an issue with the site theme.


Customised e107 Files

Remember to BACK-UP first!

Confirm no files where changed from e107 standard.

Comment out any changes, but ideally replace edited files with originals provided by e107. Avoid editing core files, this will help you at upgrade - the best way to extend e107 is through Plugins, Shortcodes or templates.


Search For Similar Issues

Search e107 Forum

Report in the appropriate forum

When you report a problem, ensure you quote at very least :-

  • e107 release number e.g. 1.0.4
  • PHP Version
  • MySQL Version

Ideally copy this from the left column of your Admin Area...


Version 0.7.24 rc2

Site Theme


Admin Theme

Jayya v1.0

Install date

Sunday 13 December 2003 - 16:44:20

Current Server Time

Sun, 19 Sep 2010 15:40:54 -0400


Apache/2.x.x (Unix) mod_ssl/2.x.x OpenSSL/0.x.x Blah blah


PHP Version




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