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a plugin by nlstart.

Poker v1.3 is released August 22, 2009.

Poker offers you a simplified Poker game on a e107 website with a Hall Of Fame menu and Gold System plugin support.

Purpose of the Poker plugin



  • integrates with Gold System 4.3
  • set your own personal poker menu title
  • set maximum bet amount
  • determine how many persons are listed in Hall Of Fame
  • optionally display Hall Of Fame
  • enable 'low bandwith mode'
  • set start bet amount for logged in members
  • set start bet amount for visitors
  • set start bet amount for admin specified user class
  • set currency symbol
  • set if currency must be displayed before or behind amount
  • admin can maintain HOF entries and see IP-addresses of hi-score entries (not with Gold System)
  • show Poker HOF in menu
  • set e-mail sending settings by admin (determine if e-mail is send, subject, text)
  • sends logged in members an e-mail when they reach the HOF (if setting is active but not when integrated with Gold System)

Latest version

version v1.3 (stable)


Before actually using the Poker functionality on your website, you will need the following:


* e107 core v0.7.7 (or newer) installed.


* Set the Poker preferences to match your own setting preferences
* Gold System plugin v4.3 installed


Download: Poker download

Forum: Poker forum

Bugs: Poker bug reports

Requests: Poker requests


Default install

  • a. Upload the Poker files into your 'e107_plugins' folder. Although 'Upload plugin' from the Admin section might work, uploading your files by using an FTP client program is recommended.
  • b. When working on Linux or Unix based server set the CHMOD settings of all .php files to 644.
  • c. Login as an administrator into e107, go to Plugin Manager, install Poker
  • d. If you want to play it with Gold Plugin, go to Gold plugin and register it there as an active Gold plugin.
  • e. Go to the Poker plugin preferences and set the settings to your liking


From 1.x to 1.3 Overwrite all Poker plugin files. Go to the 'Plugin Manager', find the Poker plugin in your installed plugins list and click on 'Upgrade'.

Language Support

English, Dutch

NOTE: English is default included language pack; other available languages can be downloaded by members from NLSTART download page.

Known Bugs

  • None


If you've changed the plugin code and/or directory structure(s) and/or (file)names and it does not work... Please uninstall and use the normal installation method. If the module is not working without modifications something else might be wrong.

You might come accross after playing some rounds the message:


The flood protection on this site has been activated and you are warned that if you carry on requesting pages you could be banned.

Flooding is within e107: Time required in seconds between 2 posts for areas where users can post (chatbox, forums...). if a user post too fast, they will be redirected to the homepage.

Also each bet of the Poker plugin is regarded as a post. When the message appears you're a fast player... Change the setting in Admin area > General Preferences > Security & Protection> Flood timeout a bit LOWER; so that warning message should not be triggered so fast any more.

Important background info

When you have the poker HOF menu installed (via Admin area > Menus, activate poker_hof in one of your menu areas), the shown HOF list is limited to a top 5.

When your real top X is bigger than 5 and there are actual more than 5 hi-scores available, than a link will be shown to view the complete HOF.

When you are typing e-mail text there are two fixed codes you can type in to make your e-mail text more personable:

  • [USERNAME] this text found anywhere in your e-mail text will be replaced by the user name of the logged in member.
  • [SCORE] this text found anywhere in your e-mail text will be replaced by the actual high score of the member at the time of saving the score to the HOF.


Version 1.3 (August 21, 2009):

* Sub-goals for release 1.3:
  - integration with Gold System 4.3 (author Father Barry) from
* New/Added Features:
  - poker.php: returns message to user if maximum bet is exceeded
  - poker.php: checks if Gold System is active and if Poker is checked as active Gold plugin
  - poker.php: if poker is gold plugin a bet is withdrawn from the user balance
  - poker.php: if poker is gold plugin a winning hand is added to the user balance
  - poker.php: reset possibility is disabled when gold plugin is active
  - poker.php: when gold plugin is active HOF is based on winning records of Gold System history
  - e_gold.php: new program to support integration with Gold System
* Altered Features:
  - admin_config.php: if Poker plugin is registered as active Gold System plugin; hide the options for start amounts, currency and e-mail
* Bugs Fixed:
  - poker.php: got rid of duplicate topx variable
* Minor Changes:
  - plugin.php: adjusted for upgrade to 1.3
  - languages/English.php: added new language terms to support new functionality

Version 1.2 (August 02, 2009):

* Sub-goals for release 1.2:
  - bugfixes and new functionality
* New/Added Features:
  - admin_config.php: new setting for starting bet amount for certain user class (request #52)
  - admin_config.php: new setting for sending out e-mail when logged in member reaches HOF score
  - admin_config.php: new setting for e-mail subject when logged in member reaches HOF score
  - admin_config.php: new setting for e-mail text when logged in member reaches HOF score
  - poker.php: new setting for starting bet amount for certain user class
  - poker.php: sends out e-mail when logged in user reaches HOF score   
* Altered Features:
  - admin_config_edit.php:  adjusted to save new settings
* Bugs Fixed:
  - poker.php: bugreport #51 winnings didn't include the original bet
  - fixed language support in admin_config.php, admin_config_edit.php, admin_menu.php, help.php and poker.php
  - fixed various coding inconsistencies
* Minor Changes:
  - plugin.php: upgrade table structure for upgraders from 1.1 to 1.2
  - languages/English.php: added new language terms to support new functionality

Version 1.1 (July 21, 2008):

* Sub-goals for release 1.1:
  - make menu with HOF
  - make HOF editable
* New/Added Features:
  - admin_hof.php: new program to maintain top X
  - poker.php: log IP address too in HOF table
  - poker.php: new function to support function str_ireplace also for PHP4
  - poker.php: security: new function clean_input to protect input field from evil code
  - poker_hof_menu.php: new menu to display poker HOF top 5
* Altered Features:
  - poker_sql.php: added IP address to poker HOF table
* Bugs Fixed:
  - admin_menu.php: fixed language retrieval method
  - poker.php: name for logged in users was written as USER instead of USERID; resulting always in user 1 to be written to the HOF
* Minor Changes:
  - plugin.php: upgrade table structure for upgraders from 1.0 to 1.1
* Wishlist:

Version 1.0 (July 14, 2007):

* Sub-goals for release 1.0: 
  - make plugin fully e107 compliant
  - make plugin language independent 
  - make plugin currency independent
  - initial version
* New/Added Features:
* Altered Features:
* Bugs Fixed:
* Minor Changes:
* Wishlist:

Future roadmap

Technical aspects

Directory Structure

After a straight installation of Poker the directory structure in the e107_plugins folder should be as follows:

     |- poker
             |- images
             |- includes
             |- languages
  • The images folder contains the images 'logo_16.png' and 'logo_32.png' which are called by plugin.php
  • The images folder contains also 56 cart images that are called by poker.php
  • The includes folder contains file config.php in which all database file names of the plugin are defined
  • The languages folder contains default language file English.php with all terms used by all modules of this plugin

Plugin Modules

The plugin consists of different files forming one integrated module. Each .php file contains a standard set of instructions to run properly under e107. The plugin files are heavily commented in order to show starting plugin developers why certain things are done.


Task is to maintain the Poker preferences table (poker_preferences). In contradiction to most e107 plugins the Poker preferences are not stored in the e107_Core table in record 'SitePrefs'. Poker keeps an autonome preferences table in order to keep e107 Core clean. By default the images directory will be poker/images/ , it is NOT possible to use another image folder.


Task is to update Poker preferences table as called by admin_config.php. This module does the real work for the preferences program.


Task is to show the administator menu.


Task is to show/edit the Hall Of Fame entries.


Task is to show the readme.txt from the menu.


The main plugin; plays the game and keeps track of Hall Of Fame.


Shows top 5 of Hall of Fame in one of your custom menu areas.


The Poker database structure for new installations; called by plugin.php.


Task is to display help text on the left side column of the administrator menu.


General set-up of e107 plugin to tell e107 Plugin Manager where files reside, which logo to use, etc.


Not really a module but called by admin_readme.php to display all relevant plugin background info, installation instructions etc.


Poker is distributed as free open source code released under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License.