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The information within this wiki applies to e107 v1.x only. If you are using e107 v2.x please refer to the documentation at

e107 Content Management System

e107 Content Management System, written in PHP and using the popular open source MySQL database system for content storage. It's completely free, totally customisable and in constant development.

This wiki contains the official documentation for the e107 content management system. It contains extensive user guides for installation, setup, security and maintenance of e107 for System Administrators and website owners. There is comprehensive content for e107 developers interested in extending e107 via themes, plugins, shortcodes, templates and the e107 API.

Getting Started
Upgrade & Problem Solving
Developer Information
Release Information
e107 Admin Area
Using e107 CMS
Getting Started
How To Maintain e107
Advanced Topics
Writing an e107 Plugin
  1. Basic e107 Menu plugin
  2. Plugin Administration
  3. Integrating With e107 CMS
  4. Writing Content Pane Plugins
Adding to a plugin 
Adding a plugin to
Theme Considerations
e107 Theme Design
e107 Shortcodes
Third Party Plugin Shortcodes
How to...
List of all the handbook articles

Introduction to the e107 handbook

The e107 handbook has been created in order to give people a place to post documentation, tips and other information related to e107. Anyone may post an article as they see fit, but please follow our manual. Try out the sandbox and get comfortable editing / creating a page first.

The above list shows the document categories, and some of the more popular pages in each category. New pages should go somewhere in the structure following the guidelines set out in Help:Manual. These and other categories should be discussed in the talk page.

What can I do around here ?

To help out the e107 handbook, you can start by writing a simple stub article or helping to correct any spelling and/or grammatical errors in articles. You can also help by adding anything you wish to the related discussion pages. #more..

Creating / Editing Pages

To post new content or edit pages first you will require a user account at After which you should log into the wiki using your account details, from there you can edit pages.

NOTE: When you create your user account at, you will have a Display Name, Login Name and a Real name field. To log into you must use the Login name and password, to log into this wiki you must use your Display Name and password.

Getting Started

To get started using and editing the wiki, first check out our Sandbox. For wiki writing help check out the help section