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Frequently Asked Questions Section of e107 handbook
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FAQ is an abbreviation for "Frequently Asked Question(s)". This page deals with questions that often come up when installing and using e107.

Newbie related

  1. What is a CMS?
  2. How can I use e107?
  3. What is a plugin?
  4. What is a theme?
  5. What is a menu?
  6. What is FTP?
  7. Where can I learn PHP?
  8. What are style sheets?
  9. How can I make a stronger password?
  10. What is an alpha or beta release?

Installation related

  1. How can I install a running web server?
  2. How can I upload my plugin?
  3. I see terms like LANINS_001 instead of my language?
  4. Can I change the e107_ directories?
  5. How can I translate e107 into my own language?
  6. What can I do when I get a blank screen?
  7. Migrating your existing site to a new Host
  8. How can I solve Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted (tried to allocate Y bytes)?
  9. How can I use Google Mail as my SMTP server?
  10. How can I install an e107 update?
  11. How can I 'harden' or improve e107 security?
  12. I lost access to my site, how can I login again?
  13. I can see the text SANITISED on my pages
  14. I see a White Page which says Access Denied

BB code related

  1. How can I force a link in a new window?
  2. How can I create a list?
  3. How can I use different styles of lists?
  4. How can I resize an image?

Theme development

  1. How can I create a background in a menu area?
  2. How can I create a 'Goto top' link at the bottom of my theme?
  3. How can I create scalable font sizes?
  4. How can I create multilingual flags?

Theme related

  1. How can I change my theme?
  2. How can I add a horizontal menu bar with self defined links?
  3. How can I style buttons?
  4. How can I change the number of items in the news category footer?
  5. How can I add email, print, pdf or admin icons to my news articles?
  6. How can I change the search results color from red?
  7. How can I remove the square brackets from the login menu?
  8. How can I align text from right to left?

Beginners questions

  1. How do I change a certain setting?
  2. What are the available Core plugins?
  3. How can I setup the Download plugin?
  4. How can I easily create content?
  5. How can I create sub-menu levels?
  6. How can I prevent that members see each others profile?
  7. How is the user rating calculated?
  8. How can I change the default e107 logo?
  9. How can I delete the e107 disclaimer?
  10. How can I change the start page news.php?
  11. What does the asterisk * mean in the user list?
  12. How can I upload and activate my banner?
  13. How can I upload an image via Submit News?
  14. How can I access my admin page when it is gone?
  15. How can I delete the 'Powered By' menu?
  16. How can I switch off user sign-up?

Advanced user questions

  1. How can I test a theme for a live e107 website?
  2. How can I backup my website?
  3. How can I limit access to a certain user group?
  4. How can I prevent links to appear in a new window?
  5. How can I get control back over my hacked site?
  6. How can I test the gzip setting?
  7. How can I get the SVN version?
  8. How can I optimize my e107 website?
  9. How can I unban myself?